Back to Production and running Super Stupid Soft Wizards

After a week and a 1/2 of prototyping the new mid-ranges I feel we have a few  really sweet new mids we can add to our line up for 2011.

With any disc its the polymers that are used that will eventually decide how the disc will fly. We are waiting on some NEW Clear TPU to sample as we know lots of players like discs they can see through.

It would be nice if we have some warmer weather soon to get a little more test flying done. The players who have thrown the (lets call it MF for now) seem to like the control, glide and stability of this slightly more overstable version and I personally like the way it slowly comes out of a turn over on shots of 225-275.

It can be thrown VERY HARD dead flat even at low trajectory, those with less power will find it has a predictable slow fade and no where near as overstable of a finish at the end of the flight as the warriors.

The straighter one of the 2 we have sampled so far is similar to the element,,,, except it has a blunter nose and molds up flatter in the E versions we sampled.It has just about the same amount of fade which is almost none and is a a very controllable disc,,, especially for new players.

The S version of the (lets call it MS for now) has more high speed turn than the S Element do and can certainly be turned over from left to right for RHBH throwers.

With most new players having trouble getting discs to turn or stay turned over, this  “faster than most mid-range” disc should be a hit and the slightly overstable version more popular with those who have a little more power.

I’m considering a simultaneous release if all goes as planned, but will know more once we get the mold back in and run them in the clear TPU


We have already started tooling on the next new disc,,,, an ultra long range driver that hopefully will be out by the first NT in 2011..


For now I’m going to wait for the cold weather to break so i can get some more test throws in so its back to production, if not I guess i can always head to warm weather for a little R&R and R&D ( invitaions are welcome :)!!

we started running SSS Wizards a few days ago, went from White, to light blue to medium blue, on to red, orange, green and finally to black.


Lots of requests for Black putters since winter hit.



3 thoughts on “Back to Production and running Super Stupid Soft Wizards”

  1. Can’t wait to stop by the shop again and check out the new plastic! I haven’t been throwing as much here because of the weather, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to. The new mid-ranges sound sweet. I hope they have good glide – I love watching mids and putters float.

    Eager to see the new line of discs you will release with Nikko’s name on them.

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