The Briscoe Woods Break-In: Results 2014

The Briscoe Woods Break-In

Friday, Mat 30th

Briscoe Woods at Sioux Passage



St. Louis Disc Golf Club’s newest course installation

When: May 30th The Friday Before the 2014 St. Louis Open


Why: This is an awesome opportunity for everyone to compete on a brand new course that will be used in the St. Louis Open

Schedule: Sign-In Start at 9:00 a.m.

Flex Start 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Collect any cash / prize-out winnings during the STLO Check-In at The Sport’s Cafe on Friday evening or at Tournament Central during the St. Louis Open on Saturday & Sunday.

Divisions / Entry Fee:

Pro Open (MPO)- $25

Pro Master (MPM)- $25

Pro Women (FPO)- $25

Advanced Am (MA1/FA1)- $20

Advanced Master (MM1)- $15

Intermediate Am (MA2/FA2)- $15

Recreational Am (MA3/Fa3)- $15

Juniors (MJ1-4/FJ1-4)- $15

+add $10 if not a current PDGA member

  • The GDS Ace Pool should be at $499 by the time of the tournament
  • Pro Divisions payout in Cash
  • Ams  Divisions payout in Vouchers / Gear
  • Multiple Sponsor CTPs
  • New GDS molds to Demo / Purchase

Entry Fee Breakdown

$3 to PDGA Sanctioning

$1 to Cash CTPs/Disc CTPs

*Remainder of entry fee to payouts

Briscoe Woods Break-In Flyer

Gateway Weekly Schedule

Carrollton Park DGC

No longer PDGA Rated

Noon to 5 p.m. Flex Start


Endicott Park DGC

California Singles (Extra shot per hole)

Noon to 5:30 p.m. Flex Start

Willmore Park DGC

Divisional Singles

(Pro, Adv, Rec & Women)

Noon to 5:30 p.m. Flex Start

Dunegant Park DGC- 5 p.m. start

Random Draw Doubles

4:30 to 5:15 p.m. Sign-Up

5:30 Tee Off


Up to $499 Ace Pool Available

Weekly Payout- Prize out every night

You Don’t Need to Play Every Week

1st Time Participants to Weekly, receive a free Gateway Disc

Get entered into a monthly drawing for every night attended

Entry Fee: $5

  • Cash for Pros

  • Voucher Payouts for Ams

Additional Payouts: $5

  • $1: Ace

  • $2: Cash CTPs

  • $2: Disc CTPs/Gear

California Singles Monthly Series 2014

Endicott Park DGC: 

Current Standings


Round 1: Endicott Park – Long tees, 18 holes, par 56
Round 2: Endicott Park – Final 9 Front, 9 holes, par 28
Player R1 R2
1 Francis Albanese 48 22
2 Chris Gore 47 23
3 Rob Nahlik 50 24
3 Tim Sullivan 50 24
5 Roger Reyes 51 24
6 Bryan Johnson 48 28
7 Jerry Barklage 50 28
8 Eric Fussell 52 29
9 Boogie Flinn 53 29
9 Derek Green 57 25
9 Nick Cicerelli 57 25
12 Mason North 58 27
13 Mike Stephens 56 32
Open Women

Round 1: Endicott Park – Long tees, 18 holes, par 56
Round 2: Endicott Park – Final 9 Front, 9 holes, par 28
Player R1 R2
1 Jill Ernst 65 34

Round 1: Endicott Park – Long tees, 18 holes, par 56
Round 2: Endicott Park – Final 9 Front, 9 holes, par 28
Player R1 R2
1 Karl Kulaitis 50 26
2 Tim Kaltenbach 54 25
3 Bryan Thayer 55 26
3 Doug Lee Sharp 53 28
3 Scott Pryor 53 28
6 Danny Leach 55 28
6 Kevin Jelinek 55 28
6 Nic LaBanca 56 27
9 Adam Proffer 59 32
10 Daniel Lovell 63 29
11 Matt English 60 34
12 Scott Galvin 65 34
13 Shobu Miyazawa 66 34

Round 1: Endicott Park – Long tees, 18 holes, par 56
Round 2: Endicott Park – Final 9 Back, 9 holes, par 28
Player R1 R2
1 Steve Jaglowski 55 25
2 Tanner Stewart 56 28
3 Justin Neudecker 58 30
4 Kevin Clooney 60 31
4 Yev Serralta 61 30
6 Luis Rivera 62 30
6 Rory Hanlon 61 31
8 John Wink 63 32
9 Tim Gorry 64 32
10 Jesse Leong 75 34
11 John Morton 65
11 Steven Martin 65

The Gateway Open 2014

2014 Gateway Open (4)

The Gateway Open 2014

PDGA B-Tier Event
Jefferson Barracks & Willmore Park
May 17th & 18th

Click Here to Register

Event Information on the PDGA


Pro & Advanced – Willmore on Saturday / Jefferson Barracks on Sunday

Other Divisions – Jefferson Barracks on Saturday / Willmore on Sunday


8:00 a.m.- Sign-In / Check-In Starts

9:30 a.m.- Sign-In – Check-In Ends

9:45 a.m.- Player’s Meeting

10:00 a.m.- Round 1 Starts

2:00 p.m.- Round 2 Starts


9:45 a.m.- Player’s Meeting

10:00 a.m.- Round 3 Starts

2:00 p.m.- Round 4 Starts

6:00 p.m.- Awards & Prize Out

All players will receive a custom stamped Disc, Mini, and Sticker


Pro Open Men- $60

Pro Master Men- $50

Pro Open Women- $40

Advanced Amateur- $30

Intermediate Amateur- $30

Recreational Amateur- $30

All Other Divisions- $30

*Non PDGA Members Add- $10

Optional Buy-Ins:

Ace Pool- $2

50/50s- $3

$500+ Added cash to Pro Divisions!

Multiple Free CTPs are Included

Multiple Manufactures for Prize Outs!

To Pre-Register Call (314) 487-5204 or E-mail:

Gateway Monthly Series 2014: Logan University DGC Results

We had 27 players come out to compete in Event #4 of the Monthly California Series at Logan University DGC. All players, from all divisions played from the blue tee pads with a mix up of pin placements. Hole 3 was set up different than either of the normal pin placements due to a nesting goose on the banks of the pond between the regular placements on the right of the hole, playing the basket near the water, at the bottom of the hill by the boulders.

There were a total of 7 CTPs set up throughout the course including the 50/50 Cash Holes – 2 and 10 – for 27.00 each.
CTP Winners: Hole, Prize, Winner
Hole 2 – 50/50 – Jamie Berry
Hole 7 – Gateway Disc Sports – Grant Goodrich
Hole 8 – ABC Discs – Mike Waradzyn
Hole 10 – 50/50 – Brendon Craig
Hole 11 – Dynmaic Discs – Nick Cicerelli
Hole 12 – Legacy Discs – John Morton
Hole 14 – Reptilian Disc Golf – Will Rosa

Results from Yesterday’s California Monthly Series Event #4, April 27:

DMac – 53 – 16.00 Payout, 23.00 Super Pro Payout
Chris Gore – 58 – 9.00 Payout, 5.00 Super Pro Payout
Jamie Berry – 59
Nick Cicerelli – 59
Eric Fussell – 69

Mike Waradzyn – 60 – 16.00 Payout, 15.00 Super Adv Payout
Doug Lee-Sharpe – 61 – 11.00 Payout, 10.00 Super Adv Payout
Grant Goudrich – 63 – 8.00 Payout, 5.00 Super Adv Payout
Chris Wehmer – 66
Clifford Rush III – 67
Daniel Lovell – 70
Eric Holloway – 78

Chris Rudo – 64 – 25.00 Payout, 19.00 Super Rec Payout
Will Rosa – 64 – 16.00 Payout, 13.00 Super Rec Payout
Kevin Clooney – 66 – 10.00 Payout, 5.00 Super Rec Payout
Justin Neudecker – 66 – 10.00 Payout, 5.00 Super Rec Payout
Tim Gorry – 66 – 10.00 Payout, 5.00 Super Rec Payout
Mike Suchoza – 67 – 5.00 Payout
Luis Rivera – 72
Brendon Craig -73
John Morton – 73
Joshua Lammerding – 74
Yev Serralta – 74
John Winter – 75
Anthony Pasek – 79
Mike Pasek – 83
Jesse Leong – 86

David’s Cali Blog:
What is Cali?

California singles (Cali) is a disc golf event that is played where you get one extra shot per hole. The concept sounds simple enough but, there’s a lot more Strategy in Cali singles than I ever thought.

If you throw a decent drive on a par 3 will two putts help you make the birdie? If it’s a par 4 or 5 is your drive good enough to wait to use your Cali? Should you wait to use it on your layup or at the putting green?

After the round I kept hearing people talk about how aggressive they were playing or how safe they were playing. For my game, having the extra shot available gave me a lot of confidence for my first shot and reserving the extra shot for putting (the weaker part of my game) played out very well.

For now California singles tournaments may need to stay one round because of how long it takes to play a round. I’m hoping to be able to change these events into two rounds because the strategy and decision-making increases significantly when you’re playing against your opponent coming down the stretch.

The rules of Cali are still being developed. There’s some tweaking we need to do with the rules and I’d like some input.
– For starters should we play one round or two?
– Maybe a final 9 holes for everyone or just a final nine for those who made the cut?

One thing that needs to be addressed is regarding how long you can take to decide when you going to use Cali.
– Are you’re able to walk down to the hole look and see how close you are then come back and throw??
– Can the players in the group send one guy down to spot and give information?
– Can you throw a Cali shot after your opponent has thrown his second shot — Meaning you get down to your line see you’re in water can you walk back to the Tee after one player in the group has already thrown his second ( non Cali) shot?

Most rules will be made to decrease the amount of time it takes to play around. I’d like to hear any suggestions or ideas regarding the Cali rules of play.

Please email me with your thoughts, comments, suggestions and concerns.

2014 Ozark Mountain Open – April 5th & 6th – Vichy, MO

OM Open 2014

Tournament Update

Just a reminder that all amateur rank players DO NOT need to be current PDGA members to register for this event. This is a PDGA B-Tier event for the amateur divisions, and players can elect to pay a $10 non-pdga member fee if they are not current or PDGA members at all.

Players DO NOT need to pre-register for this event either. Although pre-registering for the event is the preferred method of payment, player’s can elect to register on Friday night or Saturday morning at the Ozark Mountain DG Complex upon their arrival. Registration will be open until 11:30AM Saturday.

Here is a picture of the Player’s Pack – a custom stamped SuperGlow Wizard, a full-color T-Shirt, a stash mini set, and a GDS sticker –
Player's Pack

I am also including some pictures of the overhead map of all 3 courses and scorecards for all 3 courses. The map and scorecards are from the 2012 & 2013 tournaments. A few changes have been made, so the 100% correct maps and scorecards will be available this weekend…

OzarkComplexMap2012 Akita's Run scorecard2012 Ozark Mtn scorecard2012 Spencer_Davis scorecard  

Ozark Mountain Open 2014

OM Open 2014

Ozark Mountain Open 2014:

Money Payouts

It is considered one of the hardest courses in the World

Three Course Complex

Free Camping

One of Gateway Disc Sport’s Largest Run Tournaments

Ozark Mountain Warm-Up 2014


It’s looking like we are going to decent weather for this Sunday’s Doubles Event at Ozark Mountain.

Highs near 50 and Mostly Sunny, which is pretty good for what we’ve been getting these last few months.


Just to be clear, the event this Sunday is a “Bring Your Partner Doubles” and not apart of the “California Doubles”, we’ve been running around town. Here’s a picture of a hole which was hole 11 on akitas run. We are making changes to the course and this will probably become hole 10 again.

Lotys of water on the courses this time of year.

Lots of water on the courses this time of year.


John E McCray PDGA #9852

John E McCray 2014 Disc golf Tour.


About 15 years ago I had the pleasure of playing a round of disc golf with John E McCray, in Daytona Beach Florida. For those of you who do not know John E or haven’t seen him play, it doesn’t take long to understand a few things about John, You get what you see as he can’t hide his intensity or passion for the sport of disc golf.




He’s the kind of guy that will help show a new player around the course or the next up and coming pro in his area by practicing/training with him, teaching him what he knows, giving him a ride to the league or tourney. John is relentless in his training and know how to separate it from playing casual or playing in an event, so when he gets to the course on game day the gloves comes off and the game is on until the last putt is thrown. He won’t root against your shots during the round ( he doesn’t have to) but he won’t let up when he’s up by ten either. This is my type of guy, he’s the same kind of player I used to be and why our relationship is so good and has lasted so long.


I had heard of this guy before, he’s the guy that gives Ken Climo and every other opponent something to think about when t hey see his name on the list of those registered.
He’s the type of guy that brings it (his skills and determination) from the first hole to the last, every time he laces em up and does so with a huge smile on his face. Don’t take it personal, he’s playing he course and never letting up. He doesn’t know how to put in the second team when he’s up by ten with three to go,, it’s not in his DNA. He’s looking for course records every time he plays..
I use the term laces em up, because John is a soccer player at heart. From the moment I met him I knew this guy,,,, it was like looking in a mirror. It was so apperant for me to see this guy was one of those soccer players I grew up playing with and against from the age of 5-20.
During those 15 years of playing soccer and other team sports, I went to war with my teammates time and time again. I always gave it everything I had, I tried my my hardest because I didn’t want to let the team down. I learned early in life how to play as a team but also how motivate myself and the team to get what we wanted and I wasn’t afraid of failure. At 7 or 8 years old all I thought about and wanted was to win games with my team.

What I developed through the game of soccer and from my soccer coaches was the same thing john developed, it’s to accomplish what you set out to do,,,, your goal ( both literally and figuratively). Not one soccer game, league or tournament I ever played in did I NOT go into thinking about winning. It’s why we were there, why we signed up, what we had trained for, went to sleep thinking about and woke up thinking about.

If you didn’t grow up playing a sport like soccer with the kids from your neighborhood and parish, (in cities like Tampa or St Louis, where soccer moms get into fist fights) you might not understand this, over the top attitude about winning. From that first encounter in Daytona playing with John E, until my recent trip this winter to Florida, I can assure you one thing, John E McCray knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Theres a big difference between playing on a team and playing for yourself, is the outcome is all on your shoulders, you get all the glory but you also need to take the defeats. I just heard a guy on the TV say this about golf in reference to Rory’s meltdown yesterday ” if you don’t own the defeat you cannot fully embrace the victory”. Transitioning for some from team sports to individual sports can be difficult, but for guys like John and I, we like that kind of pressure, it drives us to train harder and to be more prepared then your opponent.

Last fall when I heard John E was going on tour this year, I knew what that meant. It meant, every event that John E entered into, that John E would have to be beat. John E rarely beats himself and regardless of how many strokes he may be down, “HE” never thinks he’s out of It. If theres a mathematical chance for John E to still win, then theres a good chance he might. Along with ken Climo, Dave Greenwell and Nikko, he’s one of the fiercest competitors I’ve ever met in the sport and probably why ken Climo started traveling so much in the mid 90’s. ( just kidding ken)! Actually John E has a lot of respect for the champ, and often gives Ken MOST of the credit for driving him to be the best he can be. Imagine having to go head to head with Ken Climo when you first start playing and then twenty times a year every year! I was at Kens house back in 1999 playing cards the him and the Winnie crew, Ken sat out every ten or so hands and went outside in his yard, in the dark with just a porch light and threw 30 or so putts at a time every 30 minutes all night long. Having someone like Ken to play with and against when John started back in December 1995 certainly shaped him and his game and fit right into that mold of a soccer players mentality. In order or be the best you have to beat the best!!!

Johns first victory against Ken came at water tower park in Sarasota Florida after about 25 or so head to head events. John was down 6 going into a Sunday round and came out blazing, shooting a course record -13 and then followed it with a -12 and Wound up beating them Champ by 6. Quite the the feather in the cap that day for John and I can only imagine what Ken must have thought. Up until then not many players had really challenged the champ especially not in his home state of Florida.

This past weekend John E played in the Memorial Championships n Phoenix AZ. His 49 was tied for first after round one and going into the last was just a few shots back.
With a very strong field of competitors John wound up in second place and snagged himself a nice healthy paycheck of $3,000.00

While John E performance this past week came up a few strokes short of a PDGA NT win at the Memorial championships in Phoenix Arizona, John certainly set the stage for his ” it’s about time tour” !
So far this year John has already played in 6 Events and has finished 1st in 5 of the 6:
1st at Throw Down the mountain II in Brooksville FL =$800.00
1st at SW Florida Open in Port Charlotte =$432.00
1st at Barnett Park Ppen in Orlando FL = $600.00
1st at Cedar Hill Chill in Cedar Hill TX $600.00
1st at Towne Lake Pro-Am in = $500.00
2nd at the Memorial in Phoenix AZ = $3,000.00

Anyone that has ever played with John or saw him play for the first time this past week, can’t help but want to watch him play again. John E is a power player that can throw a demon 400 feet and his Wizards just as far. He rarely lays up from the tee or when putting. His confidence it making the comeback putt is off the chart. He throws shots exactly like you should, with the thought process that the results will match the intention. If he misses, there will be no cursing, no stomping, no crushing the mini or throwing his disc in the bag. He simply steps up to his next shot with the same. Determination and confidence he had with the last throw. He’s truly playing the course and wants to go low, REALLY low every time!

John E has been throwing exclusively Gateway discs for the last ten years. During this time John has been ranked in the top ten for the majority of it, has won nearly 80% of the events he’s entered. IMG952014011995110146in the bag with John E McCray


John and was within a throw or two of 1st place at the PDGA pro worlds in Augusta GA in 2006 going into the semi final round. Unfortunately for John, there was a miscommunication about the start time on the final day. I got a call about 7:00 central ( (8:00 eastern) from Mike Barnett. “Hey Dave, where’s Johnny? The semi final rounds getting ready to start and he’s not here!” I quickly hung up the phone and called John E’s number, he answered on the first ring.

David: ” hey john what’s going on? ”
John: I’m sitting here eating breakfast getting ready to win the world championships!
David: Well Sunking just called and said the rounds getting ready to start.
John: no It starts at 9 like all the other rounds.
David: not sure who told you that but Mike said they already blew the two minute warning.
John: (after about 4 seconds of silence , he said) thanks, I gotta go!

I washed him luck and hung up the phone.
John raced to the course and eventually started the round, but not after missing 2 holes and taking quadruple bogey on each for being late.

He’s started the most important round of his career 8 over par.
Did this discourage John?
Would he have a melt down and fall a part?
Well what happened was that JohnE, without a single practice shot on the day, proceeded to birdie 11 of the next 12 holes and eventually, when the round was done shot a 54 5 under par and kept himself in the top 8.

John went on to place T7 with Steve Rico that year, which I’m sure was a huge let down after being so close.

A few years later john he fell Ill with Lyme disease, but not before he was mis-diagnosed with gout and was put on a special diet that wasn’t very good for the Lyme disease. The improper diagnosis put him in the hospital and he nearly died. It took John E over a year to fully recover.
Did john learn a lesson from all of this?
Were these the type of life altering experiences , a fork in the rd that could break his spirits about life or the game of disc golf?

Of course not, John is not a quitter, he exemplifies the phrase of ” whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”!

The moral of these two stories is about not giving up after adversary or set backs, and is just part of part of the story of John E McCray and what’s makes him the man that he is today.

I’ve never heard him complain about what happened the day he was late day or lay blame on anyone else. He excepted the mistake as his own, put his head down and did the best he could, shot after shot, until the final shot was thrown just like he always does!

It took a while, but John overcame his illness with the support of his wife friends and family and eventually regained his strength to compete and perform at the highest level.

I know john loves the sports deep down and would play disc golf even if there were no trophies or prize money. He plays disc golf to beat the course’ to break course records and to challenge himself, but it’s also how he supports his family. If you asked him he would tell you he plays for his fans, his home state of Florida, for Gateway Disc Sports, for the future of our sport and of course for the love of the game.

JohnE is disc golf competitions poster boy!!
On the course, he’s the professional that is expected of him. Off the course he’s a husband, a father, a disc golf promoter/coach and someone (that as a parent), you’re more than comfortable with your son or daughter idolizing as their role model. Even if your a Discraft guy or an Innova guy or have a brand new company you support with your disc choices, you can’t help but finding your self rooting for john E!

Johns loyalty to me and Gateway Disc Sports is unheralded. I am so proud to have John E represent our brand, he is a extension of myself and day in and day out uses gateway discs as if he’d made them himself. Several times over the last few years I told John E it was ok to use discs from other companies that it wouldn’t effect our relationship with him and that our company has a long term plan for him. I know there are discs from other companies that could help John E the same way Niiko used discs from Gateway, Innova and discraft, to break and still hold the yearly money earning record of nearly $50k) , win player of the year three years in a row from 2009-2011 and capture the largest purse in PDGA history of $15k at the 2009 USDGC.

It’s no secret that I believe a player has a competitive advantage if he uses the very best disc from each one of the disc manufactures.

Is having a mixed disc bag good for the sport?

John has refused to use anything but Gateway discs since we started sponsoring him over ten years ago. I’m pretty sure that John likes being the underdog ( although he is definitely one of the favorites at every event he plays) and that throwing only Gateway motivates him at times to find that extra gear.
He likes the the role of ” JohnEGateway” vs the world and uses it to his advantage to motivate him.

Please visit John E’s website for information on his tour.

John E’s ” it’s about time tour” is just that! It’s time players and fans all over the world get to see John E play and what it means to be a professional in all sense of the words.

he and his wife and kid are traveling around the country playing disc golf tournaments and running clinics and participating in league nights promoting Gateway discs.

On the road with Captain John

On the road with Captain John

If your city or course is within their travels and you would like to have John out for a clinic, I would not pass up on the opportunity to have John out for a day.

To arrange for a clinic at your home course, Jen McCray can be reach at Email me! or call 813-323-4779 just contact her and she will try and set it up for John E to show off his skills and our products and help teach players in your area a thing or three about how the game is played!



Gateway Disc Sports Schedules

2014 Gateway Disc Sports Schedule