Pictures from Willmore Park

Check out these pictures that were taken this weekend at the NEW Willmore Park Disc Golf Course in St. Louis!

Scores from the 2012 Ozark Fall Harvest

Here are the scores from the 2012 Ozark Fall Harvest!! Click HERE or on the picture for a downloadable PDF version.

2012 Ozark Fall Harvest Recap

As the weekend approached, a Canadian Cold Front descended upon the Midwest and took away all of the beautiful 80+ degree weather we had been enjoying all week long. There were some concerns that this might deter some golfers from wanting to make the trek to Vichy. Any concerns were quickly squashed, as tournament central quickly became a madhouse on Saturday morning with 88 people registering for the event. This was, by far, the best turnout that the property has seen since the old PDGA sanctioned days. Cold weather just isn’t enough to scare anyone away from this epic disc golf facility! That said, all of the campers were rewarded with some perfect mid 50s disc golf weather in the afternoons, which was more than enough to melt away any bad memories about frozen toes and fingers from the morning.

Saturday‘s play started with everyone playing the Ozark Mountain (Par 72) layout. There were 5-somes on just about every hole, so play was a little bit slow. The extra set of eyes certainly came in handy, however, when a disc would slide up under the leaves or hide itself in one of the many nooks and crannies that OM is so famous for. The last card in finished right before dark thankfully. The hot score for the round came from Nikko Locastro, carding a course record 59! Everyone then ramped up for the evening festivities which included a visit from The Public House Brewery (serving a delicious stout and unfiltered wheat) and a late night glow round. Music and the sound of fun being had could be heard late into the night!

Sunday morning started off with temperatures hovering right around 30 degrees. There was a hard frost on the ground and everyone’s gear. After everyone dragged themselves out of their tents, opened up some Hot Hands, and defrosted their plastic, it was time to get golfing. The Open Pro, Open Masters and Advanced divisions started out on Spencer-Davis (Par 63). The Advanced Masters, Intermediate, Recreational, and Women’s divisions all started off on Akita’s Run (Par 54). The frost quickly vanished and the temperatures started to rise. After a while, there were multiple jackets strung up in trees in most of the “junction” areas as the temperatures once again climbed up to around 50 degrees by noon. In the afternoon, the pools switched courses and enjoyed an absolutely perfect round weather wise…not a cloud in the sky and nothing but beautiful vistas and fairways to look at! The hot score at Spencer-Davis was shot by Gateway’s own Justin Bunnell, shooting a 58. The hot score at Akita’s Run was shot by Nikko, tying the course record with a 44!

After all of the competition wrapped up, everyone collected their prizes, packed up and headed on home. I am sure some life-long memories were had by all! I personally heard many people giving the property their praises and swearing that they will be back next Spring.

A big “THANKS” goes out to Dave Mac, his family, and all of the volunteers for setting the courses up and providing such an awesome venue for us disc golfers. It is quite the privilege to get to play these courses and enjoy their hospitality.

See everyone next time!

We’ll be adding the tournament scores as soon as possible!




Ozark Mountain Open Disc Golf Tournament Trailers

Check out these videos of the 2008 Ozark Mountain Open in Vichy, MO. The course being played in the videos is Ozark Mountain .Check out the course and leave a comment.

Don’t forget the 2012 Ozark Fall Harvest is this weekend: October 27th & 28th!!


What a GREAT day to run the St. Louis Am Championships! It was a little windy, but the high of 78 degrees on Saturday made it very tolerable. The format was first round from the red tees and second round from the blue tees. With 80% of the pins being in the short positions, everyone was licking their chops to shoot a low score. The 1st round hot score was from our very own John Manion, shooting a 57! In the 2nd round there was a lot of movement on the leaderboard. The hot round was shot by Mason North with a 60! This is a scorching score from the blues and ended up catapulting him from 6th to the winners circle in the Advanced division. He received a Bullseye basket for his efforts. All and all, we had 43 Am’s show up and we gave away A LOT of awesome CTP’s and Ring-of-Fire prizes. Thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to running more GDS events in the future. Results are attached…

Deer Creek Disc Golf Complex – Coming Soon!

Deer Creek Disc Golf Complex in House Springs, Missouri is under construction!
Currently, 18 holes on the “WHITE” course are in but the course is still being cleared out and is not yet open to the public.
This is the first of 3 pay to play course at this site. This “white course” is very similar to our Akita’s Run course in Vichy, Missouri with lots of cool tunnel shots, pin placements and elevation changes. All holes on this course are par 3 and range from 180-350 feet. Don’t let the short distances fool you, this is a challenging course that is very fun to play.
There will be 2 sets of tees on this course, it combines tight technical holes and open shots in and around the old, dry lake with the 18th hole over an actual pond.
The cost to play is still being determined (most likely $3-$5 per round). If you would like to check out the course for free, or help with the course clean out,contact David at 314-303-1488 to arrange a time.

Pictures from the 2012 PDGA Disc Golf World Championships in Charlotte, NC

21st Gateway Open – This Weekend!! – Hotel Info

The 21st Gateway Open is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 19,20th, so act fast to reserve your rooms at a hotel near the course.

If you need reservations for a hotel, we found two cheaper rates in the area:

Super 8 - $70 for two bed/person room per night
Valley Creek Dr
Farmington, MO 63640
(573) 786-0344
less than 5 minutes from Engler Park

Super 8 – $55 for two bed/person room per night
Northwood Dr
Bonne Terre, MO
(573) 358-5888
about 25 minutes from Engler Park

21st Annual Gateway Open

Come out Saturday and Sunday, May 19th and 20th and play at the 21th Annual Gateway Open!

This 54-hole event is open to everyone and takes place at the Engler Park Disc Golf Course in Farmington, Missouri. Registration is from 8:00 a.m. to 9:40 a.m. and the players’ meeting is at 9:45 a.m. on Saturday.

More details are on the flyer available here.

Gateway basket guarantee!

Thanks for your interest in Gateway Disc Sports, our disc golf products and specifically the disc golf baskets!

Let me start off by saying I stand behind the quality and functionality of our Disc Golf Baskets so much, that I would be willing to guarantee the purchase of a Bulls Eye or Titan pro 24 portable…100%. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days you can return the basket and discs on our shipping account and I’ll refund the money you spent on the basket.

Either target would come with 6 putters of your choice, as you may already know Gateway disc sports Putters ( Wizard, Magic, Voodoo and Warlock) are each available in 4 different flexes ( soft, super-soft, super-stupid-soft and medium) and are considered by most to be the #1 putters in the game. You get to choose your exact 6 putters!!!

Even after just 1 session of practicing on the Bulls Eye Basket, you will notice a huge improvement in your putting.
The concept of aiming at a smaller target (12″ diameter with 15 outer chains) will make a regulation size basket much easier to hit as you learn to aim in the center.
The catching ability of a Bulls Eye when hit in the chains is as good as any target ever made, with literally no cut throughs or bounce backs.
Ive heard many top pros ( including Nikko,, who has trained on the prototype of this basket many times over the last 3 years) say that they wish this size basket was used for competition at the highest level. When your putt hits dead center on this target is pretty much always stays in, which can not be said for most current targets approved for championship play, where spit outs and cut throughs are very common.

The Titan Portable is the best catching target on the market with 24 chains and smaller diameter rings for holding them closer together.
This target is a scaled down version ( using 3/8ths” and 1/4″ steel) of our Titan pro -24 which uses 1/2″ steel for its entire construction.
I’ll put the titan 24′s up against any basket in the industry for durability and catch ability!!!

Both portable targets are engineered to set up and dis-assemble withing 1 minute and are designed so no bolts are required ( we use a swagging or “crimping” method for a tight fit).
They are as sturdy as a permanent, with 3/8ths” steel used for the entire base and the outside rings of the chain assembly and basket as well.
In a recent ring of fire at our clubs ice bowl,, I saw 17 discs stay in the basket at once and the target barely even rocked.

The red/ white color combination makes it a very attractive basket for placing in a back yard, the chains are all hot dipped galvanized,,,not electro-plated.

The cost of the BullsEye is $239 and the Titan pro-24 portable $299… both would be about $25 to ship. ( the value of the 6 free discs is $72.00)