24 Annual Gateway Open B-Tier Tournament Results

Jason Hebenheimer #43762 108
Roger Reyes #14240 109
Derek Green #48445 109
Chris Gore #33041 111
Carl Nichols #33164 116
Rob Nahlik #44539 119
Brantley Morgan #43294 122
Nick Lamberti #64433 122
Allen Hooper #54132 128
Open Woman
Jill Ernst # 147
Matt Augustin #12619 108
John Ruvalcaba #5388 111
Tim Sullivan #43588 111
Jerry Barklage #16534 114
Ray Vuichard #6535 128
Advanced Masters
Joe Jaegers #43627 114 (WP)
Make Kane #22052 114
Kevin Clooney #73698 125
Scott Ballard #36150 135
John Morton 62 (DNF)
Jason Boni #44423 67 (DNF)
Scott Paul #47712 111
Tim Kaltenbackh #48580 113
Pat Wuennenburg #51637 118
Kyle Whitaker #40060 119
Matt English #44215 124
Grant Goodrich #37996 125
Tim Kallbrier #61715 131
Recreational Women
Heather Flow 145
Arin Haven #68585 117 (WP)
Wendell Ferger #74153 117
Andrew Wallen #61500 118
Gary Polkinghorne #43191 119
Chancey Green #61166 119
Daniell Covell #65419 120
Ian Bradshaw #66420 121
Rick Littleton #66693 126
Mike Jones #73753 128
Ernie McGinnis #27563 129
Harley Nolan #52239 129
Ozzy #16790 130
Oliver French #70739 131
Ryan Lewis #56499 131
Frankie Zarantonello #71705 132
Steve Hollawa #70322 121
Craig Haynes #70985 124
Josh Flow #61899 129
Casper Fusco 130
Zach Hefner 137
Quinn Parks 142
Jesse Leong #74469 145
Steve Fitzgerald 152
Daniel Powers #5654 164
Jeff Carter #44865 71 (DNF)

Gateway Disc Sports Weekly Leagues 2015

Start Date: April 6, 2015 End Date: October 14, 2015 26 Mondays & 28 Wednesdays

Nomad Mondays

Divisional Singles Weekly Traveling League The following courses will be used in rotation:

Endicott Park DGC

Jefferson Barracks Park DGC

Sioux Passage Park DGC

Carrollton Park DGC

Dunegant Park DGC

Creve Coeur Lake Park DGC

Willmore Wednesdays

Divisional Singles Weekly League PRO/ADV/REC/WOMEN Course:

Willmore Park DGC

Last Man Standing Competition

(Consecutive Weeks): Show up to at least one league per week in order to stay qualified. If you miss one entire week you will be eliminated from the competition.

Prize: 1st Place Titan 24 Portable Basket

Roll Call Competition

(Total amount of days attended):The winner is based on the total amount of days a player attends the weekly leagues throughout the year; Mondays & Wednesdays combined.

Prizes: 1st Place Titan 24 Portable Basket 2nd Place Bullseye Portable Basket 3rd Place 3” Stamp & 25 Custom Stamped Discs

In the event of a tie, there will be a drawing for the winner and the non-winners will then pull for a variety of other valuable prizes, including disc golf bags and additional baskets! If the same player wins both competitions, they may only win one Titan 24 Prize. The second Titan 24 Prize will go to second place in the Roll Call Competition and the repeat winner will receive their choice of the other prizes.

*Gateway Disc Sports Tournament attendance is not considered participation in a weekly league.

Test Fly Promotion

Disc Golf Clubs!

Have you talked to us about our Test Fly Promotion? No?

What we want to do is send you out a box with 10 of our current molds for players at your local leagues, tournaments and casual players to try out. We realize not everyone in every area has access to our discs and this is how we get them into your hands so you can let your local retailers an vendors you’re interested in more than one manufacturer being represented in their shops. And all we’re asking in return is for shipping to be covered and that your club doesn’t use these as prizes, raffles or giveaways.Here is how you can get in on this amazing promotion:

Contact Josh@GDSTour.com with:
– Club Name
– Club Location
– Club E-mail
– Club Website
– Club Phone Number
– Club Contact Member
From there, you will receive a reply with instructions on how to submit payment for shipping, get your mailing address, have your package out ASAP and send you information on how you can further take advantage of this deal!