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  1. I see Innova has released the “Rat,” which is basically a discraft Zone. I’d prefer your Chief OS to both, but only if I can get it in very durable plastic. Please make it in diamond plastic soon. While you’re at it, I for one, would love it if you also renamed it something less culturally controversial. Pretty please?

    1. We have just done a short run of them in Diamond plastic not sure
      when they will be available to the public.

    2. Bro, seriously?? I’m not trying to be a butthead but the word chief and the depiction of a chief isn’t culturally offensive or particularly hurtful. Now if it was called a Savage, or something like that I could see your point.

      1. I’m looking for the Diamond run but can’t find any yet. So excited! Thank you for making them!

        RE: Noah – Yea, seriously. You might not be offended. But I can’t see how it helps Gateway to open themselves to any controversy. I have no complaints about names like “Warlock,” “Wizard,” “Magic” – you can see how those all make sense together. Not only does “Chief” not fit that theme – it’s been a controversial name in sports for decades. I can think of dozens of names that would fit the theme as well as “Chief” and not be controversial at all. Zealot, Sage, Prophet, Visionary, Guru, Disciple, Sorcerer, Seer, Alchemist. I could go on.

  2. Hey Gateway, I’d love to get some Diamond Chief OS whenever you release them to the public. Is there any way you could email me when it’s available on your store? Thanks!

    1. We can try our best. When we come out with new runs we normally announce them on our Facebook and Instagram.
      You can always follow us on those to be sure to stay in the loop. Also joining our newsletter will keep you updated.

  3. Thank you so much making these in Diamond! My Discraft Zones are already out of my bag and the new beautiful pink unstamped max weight Diamond Chief OS’ are in. And a special thanks to Mason for making sure my order was fulfilled.

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