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28 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hey guys, love your stuff. Been throwing wizards and magics for 5 of my 6 years playing. I love the chief and shaman too. I throw them well and I’ve had a few nice aces with them (hit a $134 ace pot the day after getting my first shaman). I play mostly wooded courses though, and the sure grips seem to beat in almost immediately. I was wondering if you guys have some max weight Evo shamans lying around. I’m also in the market for a couple chalky warlocks if those are real.Thanks for your time. You guys rock.

    1. Hey Jordan!
      Glad to hear you like our throwers! I just started at Gateway as their
      Head Graphic Artist a few months ago and began throwing Wizards, the Chief OS and Shamans and fell in love.
      I am away from the shop until Monday but will totally see what we have in stock as far as
      higher end plastic Shamans. Also Evolution is now being phased out and being assimilated
      by our Platinum plastic which is very similar to Innovas Star but with a little more flex
      and grippiness. I can also check on the Chalky Warlocks, there’s a chance that their
      was never a chalky warlock but I will find out.

      Have an awesome day!
      Ryan Koster
      Head of Graphic Arts
      Gateway Disc Sports

  2. My name is Jessie Farmer and I run a small disc golf group in Klamath Falls, Or. We are throwing a fundraiser tournament 5/12/18 in order to help raise funds for 9 new baskets at Moore Park Disc Golf Course. We are contacting disc golf businesses for support via merchandise and gift certificates so we can entice more competitors to play and to raise more money for our goal. Any donations of any kind would help and be greatly appreciated! We are also a tax exempt organization so any donations can be written off. Thank you for your time in reading this email.

    1. Hey Brandy!
      Awesome to hear you are interested in the street team! However it never really took off so it’s kind of put on
      hold. However, we definitely have been known to send thank you packages to players who throw our products and spread any thoughts on them
      to other players out on the course, on Instagram or Facebook etc. We love to spread the love of disc. If we plan on giving the street team
      another shot, we will definitely get a hold of anyone who has shown interest like yourself.

      Have a great day and keep throwin’ on!
      – Ryan Koster
      Head of Graphic Arts
      Gateway Disc Sports

  3. Hello,
    I’m interested in a White-level tournament package with custom stamped wizard putters. What’s the lead time for such an order? You can reach me at 919.548.1803 to discuss, or by email.

  4. Hello,

    I have been hooked on the Voodoo and I run a lot of glow events but I have not seen or found any glow versions. A friend recommended emailing you to see if you had ever made any?

    1. Hey Luke!
      We totally have made some Glow runs of the Voodoo. I’m not 100% on our stock in those currently
      but, I can totally find out come Monday when I’m back in the shop.

      Thanks for the getting in touch with us!
      – Ryan Koster
      Head of Graphic Arts
      Gateway Disc Sports

    2. Hey Luke,

      So We currently have around 30 or so Glow Voodoos in stock at our shop.
      They are in our Suregrip polymer and I believe the flex is SSS. They also
      have a nice grippiness to them.

  5. I am interested in running a winter wizard and also 2 or 3 disc challenge. Could you please send me all info on these.

    1. Hey Jon, You can get all the info for these either through the “GDS Tour Event” tab on the home
      page of the website or by emailing
      Thanks for the interest!

      – Ryan Koster
      Head of Graphic Arts
      Gateway Disc Sports

      1. Just repping Gateway in tournaments and locally right now but ready to do more if I can. There are several of us out here!

  6. Having a difficult time finding any Glow $ Wizards. Would you be willing to give me a few leads I could follow? Such great disc it damn near broke my heart when I cracked mine on a tree this winter. Thanks:)

      1. You should probably toss a link up somewhere. I was looking all over because the pop-up did not appear in my Firefox. Opened it in Chrome and was able to sign up.

  7. Good afternoon. I am writing today to inquire about the Missouri State Championship and if the results are going to be submitted to the PDGA?. The tournament was quite a while ago and results have yet to be submitted. Thanks for looking into this.

  8. Hi everyone, my son Wyatt was an avid disc golf player. He was even trying to get a disc golf team set up at West Point before he got medically released from the Army. He came home from New York in May and the Camp fire happened November 8th, 2018. Thousands of people lost their homes and businesses in the most devastating fire in California history. I am contacting you because my son lost everything. I am hoping maybe you can help him start a new disc golf collection. He had dozens of disc and now they are all gone. It would be amazing if you could help. If you have any questions please let me know. Thank-you for your time. Kristina Gibson

  9. Howdy Gateway Discs,

    I noticed there are no posted price on the bags/backpacks on your site. Do you sell them here? Or from another site? Also, could you please post the prices on the bags/backpacks as well. Thanks and stay cool out there this summer!

  10. Hey gateway, I run a small club here in Louisiana called Deridder Disc Golf Association. We are interested in putting on a winter wizards tournament or your multi disc challenge, but haven’t been able to find many details about either one. Please contact me with any information you have that could help us choose which would work best for our group. Thanks

    1. That’s awesome and we’d love to help you out. Send an email and let him know that you’re interested in putting on a winter wizards tournament. We are getting ready to launch the Winter Wizard that’s why you haven’t been able to find any information in regards to it.

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