Course Installation at Dunegant Park, Florissant, MO

Here’s a video at the new course at Dunegant Park, in the process of making a bunker. Check it out!


  1. what do you think time frame is on course being ready

    • Looks like it will be ready in a week or two, around early
      November, hopefully. We’re currently waiting to install the baskets.

  2. greg kuehn says:

    How we lookin on the projected opening of this course?

  3. Larry Donahue says:

    Great to see all these new courses going in, not only will we be able to play some place different to keep monotony down, they will be close to keep driving down. With all of these courses close to one another, could we see a World bid coming soon?

    Old man of the chains


  4. Thomas Milos says:

    So how is it looking in Florissant? I’m itching to throw

  5. greg kuehn says:

    whats up with the back nine being closed down?

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