Custom Stamping

Have you always wanted your own design on a disc golf disc?!
Well, here at gateway we offer plenty of options and reasonably priced packages to do just that.

We also provide Clubs, Tournaments, and League Directors with custom stamped
discs for their players or members as well as Member Discs for Disc Golf Clubs.

Wholesale Price Form

2018 Custom Stamp Order Form 

Custom Stamping Guideline Form

Custom Stamp Package Deals

– Artwork submitted must be black and white.
– Large black areas must be avoided
– For best quality please provide original Vector file (.ai, .eps, .svg)

or High Resolution .PDF 

7 thoughts on “
Custom Stamping”

  1. Hi, my name is Terra and I am ‘A Wrap Photography’, we are starting a tour with several Tournaments to photography their play. We are looking for ‘Mini’s’, stamped with our logo so that we can add them to Player’s Pack as well as add them to raffles. We are a retail company with a wholesale license and would like to know if you can help us out with stamped Mini’s.

  2. This is Terra again, I want to say that I have had the opportunity to work with Danny at Gateway to get answers to my questions as well as get my Mini’s ordered. Positive feed back on the information given and the quick response to all my needs. I am happy with the customer service and am excited to get the Mini’s I ordered. I recommend Gateway Anyday!

    1. Hey Terra,
      Thats great to hear! I’m glad our team is being the wonderful people we know they are.

      Happy Throwing!
      – Ryan Koster
      Head of Graphic Arts
      Gateway Disc Sports

  3. In late 2014 or very early 2015 you were asked by the Southern Oregon Disc Golf Association (the order was probably placed by Ryan LaThorpe from In Motion Graphics, of Brookings, OR) to custom stamp discs for the McVay Rock Open.

    Do you still have that image on file and, if you do, would it be possible for you modify that image to change the information block? The info block currently contains:
    Brookings, OR”
    and the changes would be to turn the “2015” into “2018″ and delete “Inaugural”.

    If you can make those changes, what would the charge be? We’re expecting to order 50 discs.

    BTW, I’m the current President of SODGA.

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