Devil Hawk

The Devil Hawk is a low profile putt and approach disc with a bullet shaped nose and a bead on the wing for stability. It also has a Thumb Track design for added control and feel. This disc is basically a Wizard with 1/4-inch of rim depth taken out of the middle. This is our most over-stable putter in our Putt & Approach line.

2 thoughts on “Devil Hawk”

  1. Hi how are u hope u guys had a good thank given my name is justin worrell I’m a 932 rated disc golf I love all disc at the moment I throw all gstar gummy disc but I’m trying to get my self out there and get sponsered or be on a team just trying to see if u guys looking to sponser anyone or not if so I would love to be a part if ur team and put ur disc out there thank u and how to here back .

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