22 cm diameter

Up to 180 g

Mystic Evolution


Mystic Sure Grip

Sure Grip

The Mystic is a very controllable mid-range for effortless straight flight and landings. It can also be used for slight turn-overs or Hyzers. This disc basically does what you ask it to, with a little more glide than most mid-range discs.

Our mid-range line-up features the same wing length and rim depth in all 4 models (Element, Mystic, Karma and Warrior).

This design engineering is very helpful for consistency when releasing the discs.

Our mid-range line-up compares to irons in ball golf where your swing can be the same for each with different results, but instead of distances, it is in stability.

Available in “S” and  “E” plastic.

Most pro players use a few S plastic type discs as their “go to” discs for varying grips — especially in challenging conditions like rain or cold..

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