Putt and Approach

Gateway putters are the most popular putters on the market, especially the ultra-popular Wizard™! Our entire line offers a wide variety of flexibilities and flight paths to execute any putt or approach you can imagine. Take your putt & approach to the next level by choosing the putter that’s right for you. Choose from our Platinum or Diamond Premium plastics and from 4 different flexibilities in our Sure Grip line: Firm, SS, SSS or SSSS.


Chief OS (Overstable)

Devil Hawk




War Spear




3 thoughts on “Putt and Approach”

  1. I love the voodoo putter and want to try the various plastics that gateway has available, but am struggling to find much other than a few. It would be nice if it was possible to purchase them from this website, where all options should be available. If that is not the goal of this website, please point me in the direction of the best selection. I also had an interest in purchasing the two putter and t-shirt set, but was disappointed that I made it all the way to checkout without being able to choose my shirt size or preferred weight, color, or plastic for putters. Please make it easier for me to stay dedicated to my favorite putter!

  2. I have a gateway white 175 grams disc unsure what it is has w12 sharpied on it as well. . Marijuana plant on front lots of use on it so sticker could be newer then disc

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