Titan Pro-24

Rugged, Hi-Performance Gateway Titan™ Baskets are the only way to go if you want course equipment to last a lifetime!

Anyone who gets a look at the Titan knows these baskets are superior to any comparable basket made. The Titan is made from heavy 1/2″ cold rolled steel instead of the traditional 5/16″. They are also deeper-dished, like Ozark baskets/spider 3 (13″ deep). They are hot-dipped galvanized, not powder-coated. The chain configuration is also similar to the Ozark Mountain baskets with two sets of inside chains that alternate lengths and hang independently on their own ring, in addition to the exterior chains. The rings are not made from cold rolled steel and are 3″x1/2″x 1/4″, shaped similar to the Armstrong bracelets. The rings are tighter to the pole and heavier, causing way less action when struck. Additionally, the inside chains are heavier in weight but similar in gauge, while the outside chains are standard size and weight of the Mach III’s. Consequently, the heavier inside chain deadens the shots without causing deflection.

Physically, this basket is superior in strength to other baskets. We will measure their disc-catching ability against anything comparable ever made.

Gateway is a full-service disc golf course design and installation company. We handle all aspects of course installation and provide all hardware and baskets..

2 thoughts on “Titan Pro-24”

  1. Could I get a quote for 9 and 18 baskets for permanent installation.
    We are in the funding stage for 9 initial then an additional 9 at Riverside Park in Greenville, Pa

    1. Hey Brad,
      We didnt have access to part of our website over the summer and several messages were overlooked.
      Did you guys ever get your 9 hole course installed?

      We provide up to 150 free custom stamped discs with a 9 hole purchase.
      We also have great deals on Astro turf mats used for tee areas.

      feel free to email me directly david@gdstour.com

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