Disc Golf Technique Email Lesson – Luke, Part I

David –

If you’re willing to do so, I’d like to have you watch this video http://youtube.com/watch?v=smAmqLRUvrY from last year of me, particularly around 1:35, to see if you can identify the cause of my knee pain. I feel like my right knee – the pivot knee – is getting torn up and after a round lately it stiffens up and I have trouble opening the join completely or closing it completely.

Any input is appreciated.



I really like the looks of the technique including the reach back and follow through. Everything looks really good up until “after your release” which could mean there is a slight problem right before the release. The only thing I really see is what appears to be a slightly larger-than-needed stride, causing a hesitation in your weight transfer before your hips come all the way through.

It’s like you are planting and stomping, which looks to be absorbing too much of the upper body weight. This split-second stopping is interfering with what should be a smooth and fluid follow through upon release. In several of the shots your right foot jumps off the ground as it starts to rotate.

I can give you a few recommendations:

-First, you could of course shorten up the last stride a bit to see if this helps with the jarring of the leg.
-Another thing you could try would be to try and point your right foot in a slightly different direction, either more towards the target or more away from the target.

Both of these adjustments could work against your ability to throw accurate shots at first, but are worth the effort if they help keep wear and tear off you body.

There is always the possibility that you are using a shoe with TOO MUCH traction or grip. Sometimes its shorter spikes or a different pattern. Not all shoes tread patterns are meant for rotating, round spikes without larger rectangular ones on the perimeter of the front of the shoe are usually best.

Can you send me a picture of the bottom of your shoes?.

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