Fall Special December 2014

Thank you for your continued support of Gateway Disc Sports!As 2014 comes to a close, we would like to make sure that all of you have been informed about our Fall Special Pricing.  This is truly a “once in a blue moon” offer, so don’t miss out!  A link to complete list of details is attached…As we move into the 2015 season, some minor changes are being made to our wholesale pricing.  Don’t worry!  We are still going to be offering our products at a price point that can’t be beat! Please take a look at the attached Wholesale Pricing Sheets and update your files accordingly.

As you may or may not know, we have also been in the process of releasing several new molds.  Take a look at the descriptions for our 2 newest releases, the Chief and Shaman (currently available), and expect several more starting early in the 2015 season!

-200 Disc Orders and Under
$4.85 Sure Grip (S,SS,SSS,RFF,ORG,ER,$)
$6.90 Glow
$7.90 Evolution
-200 to 499 Disc Orders
$4.20 Sure Grip (S,SS,SSS,RFF,ORG,ER,$)
$6.50 Glow
$7.90 Evolution
-500 plus Disc Orders
$4.00 Sure Grip (S,SS,SSS,RFF,ORG,ER,$)
$6.00 Glow
$7.90 Evolution
-3 inch Stamp $40
-5 inch Stamp $75
***FREE 3 inch stamp with 200 plus Disc Orders!!***

If you have any questions PLEASE feel free to give me a call!!  Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Thank you,
Dominick Clark
Gateway Disc Sports
Sales & Marketing Manager
314-487-5204 work
941-539-9582 cell


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