Gateway Mid-Ranges ( bringing back the “Scout” name)

We are currently running some Evolution Elements and Evolution Warriors ( after just finishing some SWEET “S” runs in Both).

These runs are producing some really good results, with just the right amount of stiffness to the rim, flexibility in the flight plate and a very tacky surface. Just a touch firmer in the rim than the most recent runs of them in E Hpp ( The yellow/green ones) and the plastic is almost indestructable.

The “S” plastic feels so good in the in climate weather and are perfect for those that like to use this type of plastic for their control discs.  ( which is recommended by most top players)

We have moved our Blaze into the MID-range Category with the Element, Warrior and Demon and it allows players a better understanding on how to use this disc.

The Blaze is an awesome headwind mid-range driver and a very important part of Nikko’s Game. ( especially in windy conditions)

We have the Ninja release due by the end of February, but it looks like we will have the Mid-Range that falls between the Element and Warrior out beforehand since its just a new top.

We are considering bring back the Scout Name for this disc as it just fits the bill to well!

Our mid-range line -up is looking stronger than ever and we are getting great reviews from all the new players who are using Gateway discs.

It’s going to be a great Year for Gateway and the Sport of disc golf!!!!


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