Gateway Monthly Series 2014: Logan University DGC Results

We had 27 players come out to compete in Event #4 of the Monthly California Series at Logan University DGC. All players, from all divisions played from the blue tee pads with a mix up of pin placements. Hole 3 was set up different than either of the normal pin placements due to a nesting goose on the banks of the pond between the regular placements on the right of the hole, playing the basket near the water, at the bottom of the hill by the boulders.

There were a total of 7 CTPs set up throughout the course including the 50/50 Cash Holes – 2 and 10 – for 27.00 each.
CTP Winners: Hole, Prize, Winner
Hole 2 – 50/50 – Jamie Berry
Hole 7 – Gateway Disc Sports – Grant Goodrich
Hole 8 – ABC Discs – Mike Waradzyn
Hole 10 – 50/50 – Brendon Craig
Hole 11 – Dynmaic Discs – Nick Cicerelli
Hole 12 – Legacy Discs – John Morton
Hole 14 – Reptilian Disc Golf – Will Rosa

Results from Yesterday’s California Monthly Series Event #4, April 27:

DMac – 53 – 16.00 Payout, 23.00 Super Pro Payout
Chris Gore – 58 – 9.00 Payout, 5.00 Super Pro Payout
Jamie Berry – 59
Nick Cicerelli – 59
Eric Fussell – 69

Mike Waradzyn – 60 – 16.00 Payout, 15.00 Super Adv Payout
Doug Lee-Sharpe – 61 – 11.00 Payout, 10.00 Super Adv Payout
Grant Goudrich – 63 – 8.00 Payout, 5.00 Super Adv Payout
Chris Wehmer – 66
Clifford Rush III – 67
Daniel Lovell – 70
Eric Holloway – 78

Chris Rudo – 64 – 25.00 Payout, 19.00 Super Rec Payout
Will Rosa – 64 – 16.00 Payout, 13.00 Super Rec Payout
Kevin Clooney – 66 – 10.00 Payout, 5.00 Super Rec Payout
Justin Neudecker – 66 – 10.00 Payout, 5.00 Super Rec Payout
Tim Gorry – 66 – 10.00 Payout, 5.00 Super Rec Payout
Mike Suchoza – 67 – 5.00 Payout
Luis Rivera – 72
Brendon Craig -73
John Morton – 73
Joshua Lammerding – 74
Yev Serralta – 74
John Winter – 75
Anthony Pasek – 79
Mike Pasek – 83
Jesse Leong – 86

David’s Cali Blog:
What is Cali?

California singles (Cali) is a disc golf event that is played where you get one extra shot per hole. The concept sounds simple enough but, there’s a lot more Strategy in Cali singles than I ever thought.

If you throw a decent drive on a par 3 will two putts help you make the birdie? If it’s a par 4 or 5 is your drive good enough to wait to use your Cali? Should you wait to use it on your layup or at the putting green?

After the round I kept hearing people talk about how aggressive they were playing or how safe they were playing. For my game, having the extra shot available gave me a lot of confidence for my first shot and reserving the extra shot for putting (the weaker part of my game) played out very well.

For now California singles tournaments may need to stay one round because of how long it takes to play a round. I’m hoping to be able to change these events into two rounds because the strategy and decision-making increases significantly when you’re playing against your opponent coming down the stretch.

The rules of Cali are still being developed. There’s some tweaking we need to do with the rules and I’d like some input.
– For starters should we play one round or two?
– Maybe a final 9 holes for everyone or just a final nine for those who made the cut?

One thing that needs to be addressed is regarding how long you can take to decide when you going to use Cali.
– Are you’re able to walk down to the hole look and see how close you are then come back and throw??
– Can the players in the group send one guy down to spot and give information?
– Can you throw a Cali shot after your opponent has thrown his second shot — Meaning you get down to your line see you’re in water can you walk back to the Tee after one player in the group has already thrown his second ( non Cali) shot?

Most rules will be made to decrease the amount of time it takes to play around. I’d like to hear any suggestions or ideas regarding the Cali rules of play.

Please email me with your thoughts, comments, suggestions and concerns..

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