2-Disc Challenge


The 2-Disc Challenge is a very special event where players will use only the 2 new discs provided in the Player’s Pack: a Special Blend Wizard and our NEW Assassin Overmolded Driver.

We’ve recently released prototypes of our first overmolded drive using the Assassin mold. The OM Assassin is a highly controllable, long-range driver that’s easy to throw and flies longer and further than you expect from a disc in the fairway driver category. The 2-Shot Method of molding allows us a wider range of performance options, including using heavier weighted polymers in the rim and lighter materials in the flight plate, creating a more gyroscopic disc without increasing its wing length. With 2-Shot Molding, we are also able to mold a tacky polymer in the flight plate for grip while molding polyurethane in the leading edge of the disc for superior durability.

This state-of-the-art development in disc production technology can produce discs where the weight ratio from wing-to-flight plate can be varied to match an individual player’s velocity and rotation for distance and control. Discs available for the 2-Disc Challenge will be production runs using copolyester/TPU blends in the flight plate and HIGH performance polyurethane in the nose. Weight ratios of wing and flight plate will be written on the discs. We suggest that players with less power (a combination of spin/rotation and speed/velocity) use versions with less disparity in the weight range between wing and flight plate. Weight disparity in these discs is expected to be from 120-55 to 150-25.

The Special Blend Wizards are produced in our world famous Wizard mold, using a combination of highly engineered polymers. Special Blends are slightly different from our regular production runs, using material additives ranging from Nylon/Rubber alloys to tear-resistant Dog Toy material, and much more. Each run will be marked with Run Numbers, ranging from SB1 – SB? — currently, we’re up to SB8, but more are expected to come!

The concept for the event is simple. Players use the 2 discs and a mini-marker to compete with no restrictions on their usage during play. As with our other GDSTour 2016 Events, all Tournament Directors will be eligible to win a 9-Hole Portable Disc Golf Course and other prizes, while all players who participate will also be eligible for monthly drawings for GDS Swag!

For more information about the event, contact us here at Gateway Disc Sports!

– David “Mac” McCormack
Owner, Gateway Disc Sports