John E McCray Finishes 3rd at USDGC

Well It’s been one heck of a roller coaster ride for Tampa Native John E McCray over the last few years.
A while back John was diagnosed with Lime disease after improperly being diagnosed with gout. Special diets were given to help cure gout which accelerated the lime disease and nearly cost him his life!!

Anyone who knows John E knows what a fighter he is on the course and from what I hear, fought long and hard to get his health back. His 4 solid rounds and a 3rd place Finish at this years USDGC puts and exclamation mark on this comeback.

John E is the 6th ranked player in the world and If I know him, he’s thinking about moving up in that ranking soon.
He has plans for going on tour in 2009 or at least making all NT’s and Majors.
John E and Jen ( John E’s wife) have been such a great addition to Gateway and loyal supporters from the first day we started Sponsoring him many years ago.
Their ongoing efforts to bring disc golf to Central Florida and the gold coast include; running leagues, clinics, tournaments, giving lessons and teaching new players the sport of discs golf.
They, with the help of others, installed one of the coolest courses I’ve ever played In Brandon Florida.

I have been proud to be a friend and sponsor to the McCrays and their loyal support never goes unnoticed. My admiration for their perseverance and commitment to the sport and our company is something that I know comes from the heart.
Most people would have know idea how much they have had to go through, not only with the health issues, but in promoting a company other than Innova in Florida.

John E and Jen just LOVE disc golf and it has brought much joy and happiness to their family over the years.
My congratulation’s and appreciation goes out to John E and Jen for all the hard work that has taken place in order to be in Charlotte this week to compete for the championship and to represent Gateway Disc Sports as a professional disc golfer.

I’m sure John E is looking back at a stroke here and a shot there, a putt, a drive or a decision that would have made him the winner, but in my eyes he has already won something greater than any title or monetary amount will ever add up to!

WAY to go John E!!!!!!!!!!

Pics of John E and Brandon!

John E Nikko and Justin on our trip to Florida Christmas of 2003.
I think it was about 60 degrees that day, John E was freezing πŸ™‚.

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