Light Weight discs 130g-160g

Yesterday we ran a batch of 150g-160g S Elements and after watching my niece Jamie (11) and my cousin Adara (14) throw them around,  it reminded me of how important starting off with lighter weight discs can help produce better results when just getting started.

Its really a shame more new players dont know how much starting with the lighter stuff helps develop better technique.

A 150g -160g Element would probably be the longest disc in 80% of the new players bags.

It flies so flat and glides so long that they basically dont fall off line,,, even for new players who lack rotation and velocity.

Light Weight Drivers like the Apache at 135g are so easy to throw and dont wear down the arm if youre not used to throwing 50 plus drives a day.

All of our putters in the 150g-160g range have basically the same stability as there heavy weight big brothers which gives the range from under to over-stable for all putting styles and Lay-up needs.

If you are wanting to get a friend into the sport,,, let them know that light weight discs are available and that they should give them a try!



6 thoughts on “Light Weight discs 130g-160g”

  1. I always recommend light weights for beginnners. It allows them to see the correct flight with lower throw speeds and less rotation.

  2. I’m living in Japan now and 150 class golf is the name of the game here. I’ve thrown Gateway for a long time now, and have been forced to throw discs that I wouldn’t throw normally due to the lack of some of my favorite models. Please…Please run more different models in the 150-160 range, Preferably some Spirits, Illusions, and Hybrids. Your 150 ss Wizards are the Best by the way! Is there any way to buy directly from you?

  3. A very good post. Dave, you know how I feel about the lighter stuff, not just for beginners. my main “baby” is a 160 diablo still love it, still works, can throw it out to 350 or so. I still have one of the original 119 wizards, Foundation Park stamp that I love for short anhyzers. Also have a 150 element, as well as my 180 that I’ve had since day 1.

    As to the lightweights for newbies, I still vividly remember the first College tourney that you had. I turned a couple of the girls that were throwing way overstable (for them) discs, to the infamous 119 speed-demon dt!!! Both could only say that it was the farthest that either of them had EVER thrown a disc!!! Their weight focused boyfriends could only look on in amazement!!! If I had had a dozen of them, I would have sold them all.

    I want more Ultra-lights to use to introduce new kids to the sport, and you know that. 120 or so apache’s, elements, wizard/voodoo’s, heck, give me a diablo too. Would be great for me downwind in the winter and spring, and if alot of guys would check their ego’s, and smooth their release out, would be absolutely amazed at how far they could throw them!!!!!!!!!

    See ya

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