Most recent run of Evolution Sabres and a new prototype

We started running the new Evolution plastic in the Sabres Yesterday.

This urethane is the same material we used a few years back in the ” nike” Spirits.
This TPU is some of the best material made for producing sporting goods and other products where feel, abbrasion resistance and memory are key!
Over the last few weeks have run this material in all 4 putters, the Spirit, (retooled) Speed Demon, Apaches and now the Sabre.
These runs of discs offer a nice flexible flight plate with a firmness in the rim and a nice grippy surface.
Today during test flights of the Sabres, I threw 2 discs back and forth down the street about 10 times each way ( 20 throws with each).
The results of the testing were GREAT,,,, as the durability was excellent and the feel in the hand as good as anything Ive ever felt.
The 2 discs barely had a scracth on them, even after sliding across the concrete 20 times.
As far as the flight goes these discs were perfectly straight flyers over a wide vareity of speeds.
The past few years of Sabre runs were producing an overstable version and we just couldnt figure out why.
It appears after 10 years of molding the Sabre, Blaze and Demon,,,, a small lip developed on the frame for the insert which didnt allow the stripper ring a chance to seat all the way down. This caused the bead on these discs to be more pronounced and the discs to be more overstable than before.
This current run of sabres ( and one previous run of E demons in the more flexible HPP) has the bead is back to where it was orginally ( about .020 less bead showing or even with the bottom of the wing) and they are MONEY in feel and flight!!!!!.
We will start running the Blaze tomorrow.
The hybird will be discontinued for now.
We have a disc in the works that has been prototyped a few times,, its a flatter top and sharper nose for the Apache with a ST ( surface technolgy) finish on the leading 1″ edge of the top.
This should produce a really fast disc and a little more overstable than the Apache, think champ wraithish but with our rounded inside rim where the rim depth meets the flight plate!


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