New Mid range prototyping and testing.


Yes they will have the same rim depth (with larger radius where the rim depth meets the flight plate) and wing length as the Element and Warrior.
The one I like the best so far is a dead straight flyer with virtually no fade when thrown 6-10 feet high for 225- 300 feet and has a very predictable slight fade for shots of 150-225. It can be released flat and stays flat with a decent amount of penetration and the right amount of glide for a mid-range.
While it does have a decent amount of resistance to turn it can still be worked left to right ( for RHBH).
The one thing I really like is the way to holds a turnover and only SLOWLY comes out of it, as opposed to the Warrior that comes back quicker and harder or the Element which keeps on turning.
All in all it seems like a really nice compliment to the existing line-up.
We are waiting for Nikko to decide if he would like the discs for one of his signature series discs and hope to release it to the public soon.
on a side note:
VERY FEW top players use discs right off the shelf  and their reasons very from player to player.
TOP Pro players are awfully particular about the discs they use for their games, often seeking the rarest and hardest to come by and most expensive discs.
My personal observation is TOP players feel they have to have very specific runs of the models they use or they are at a disadvantage. Even though most top players get FREE discs from their sponsors,, they often still purchase discs for as much as $30- $60 per disc to make sure they have ( what they feel) is the best discs available.
Maybe it helps give them more confidence in the discs if it costs more ( or the most) or is something other top players are using or seeking.
2nd run valks, 1st run CE tee birds-firbirds, Star eco  or SDS destroyers with the POPPY Tops, 1st run BUZZZ, Proto Wizards, Blue Illusions,,,etc. maybe there’s more to this than the psychological aspect and these particular runs are That much BETTER.
In the case of the Blue Illusions, there was a freakish run that were significantly longer, but not all blue illusions were this run and there are other runs of other colors that are just as long,
so how would you know if you have the “ONE” without actually throwing it???
While its true some runs are better then others, the only real way to tell is to throw the said disc in question( the one in your hand), even if you are sure its the RUN you are looking for!!!




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  1. Its true! I have some Pink E warriors that you guys sent me last year that are dead str8 off the shelf and little fade at the end. All of the other warriors I have are meat hook hyzer compared to the pink ones. Good lesson though in throwing what you like and not compromising when you find something that works. I would buy every pink e warrior on the planet if i could get my hands on them 🙂


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