New odds to Win the Memorial NT starting day 2

Paul McBeth 6-1

Devan Owens 4-1

Barry Schultz 2-1

NiKkO LoCaStRo 5-2

Cale Leiviska 7-1

Eric McCabe 4-1

Josh Anthon 4-1

Gregg Barsby 7-1

Michael Henry 10-1

Karl Johan Nybo 13-1

Cory Sharp 12-1

Ken Climo 3-1

John Child 7-1

David Feldberg 7-2

Matthew Orum 4-1

Carlo Pelg 8-1

Patrick Blazek 10-1

Kirk McAllister 20-1

Richard Thompson 15-1

Nathan Doss 5-1

Philo Brathwaite 12-1

Ross Brandt 20-1

Scott Rief 16-1

Chris Vilmorin 20-1

Avery Jenkins 8-1

Michael Raley 15-1

Paul Ulibarri 10-1


Amusement purposes only šŸ™‚

Feel free to call for a friendly wager


5 thoughts on “New odds to Win the Memorial NT starting day 2”

  1. Damn, I should have bet on Devan yesterday.

    I’ll take $10 on Devan at 4-1. If Nikko’s odds were better I’d lay some on him.

    Let me know how you want the money.

    1. yeah 2-1/2 to 1 isnt that good of a price,, but probably accurate.
      Those courses don’t have enough scoring spread for a long shot odds to actually win.
      This brings down the odds of those at the top.
      In reality anyone below 6-1 should probably be higher.
      if there was actually betting those taking shots on long shots could give you a better price on a favorite.

      I’d love to create a fantasy betting league, give each guy like $10,000.00 and have all kinds of propositions ( not just win place and show).
      exactas, trifectas, most birds, bogie free rounds, head to head match ups.

      would be really fun and more of a reason for people to sign up to watch live,,, šŸ™‚

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