OG baby,

We actually wound up running 2 different runs of of Organic (OG) Wizards,
One is a light green almost mint green (SSS) and the other is a darker green almost army with some black swirls (SS) most are max weight with that sweet maple syrup smell and feel awesome. There are about 500 total OG wizards which isn’t much.
We will be stamping these within the next few days with the small wizard stamp and OG prototype stamp. They will be ready to ship to retail stores and on line vendors by Monday.

Today we are running SSS Black Voodoo’s and then some of our other models and flexes in Black.
IF you like BLACK Putters we should have plenty!.

3 thoughts on “OG baby,”

  1. I love the SSS voodoo, but I have only found them in black and blue. Any chance you'll be putting some SSS voodoos out in some different colors?

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