Overmolded-Gryoscopic Assassin Driver Prototype Input


The Overmolded-Gyroscopic Assassin is the first in Gateway’s NEW line of drivers.

There are several key benefits to being able to mold two different polymers together into one disc and our technology allows us to mold different weighted polymers (with a different density and/or specific gravity) in both the rim and the flight plate.

Ideally, a player wants a disc’s wing-to-flight plate ratio to match his or her velocity and rotation. The more gyroscopic a disc is, the longer it maintains its original launch rotation. Decreasing the drag on the disc also greatly helps in maintaining its original launch speed.

Combining these two NEW technologies, a player who can only throw about 300′ could achieve flights of over 450′. That’s 50% farther and with more CONTROL!

Currently we are in the prototype stage of production, and we are looking for input from players regarding the stability and glide of the discs! We’ve put together a survey for input, and those who participate will be eligible for winning prizes during a monthly drawing for the period of January 1st – December 31st, 2016! Prizes will vary from month to month, and we’ll update this page with more details! Until then, please feel free to leave feedback on the Prototypes using the form below.

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