Ozark courses are coming togther for the fall Harvest

Well we are 2 weeks away from the 2008 Ozark Fall Harvest.
we spent about 10 hours their on Thursday mowing the fields and trimming up some greens.
This year the courses will be looking better than ever with a few subtle changes.
I mover the tee on 1 ( Ozark) 15 feet to the right making it a little “S” shot instead of a hyzer, which should really bring the lake into play for those going for a birdie.
The Ob lake is also going to be a bit larger diameter.

Hole 5 usually has 2 options, donw the tunnel or out a hole up to the right.
The hole out to the right is basically grown over too much forcing all players down the middle.

We removed several trees on hole 6 and cut away any hanging limbs and moved the basket back and to the right so that it can now be seen from the tee. It looks like a ace run, but I’m guessing its much harder to play than it looks.

Trimmed a lot of overhanging limbs on 7 and really cleaned up the green on 8, removing just about all limbs head height and lower once you are over the lake.
also took down 2 huge branches that kept people from getting down to the green that were right on the waters edge often knocking discs in the water before they crossed over land!

the tree foliage will be perfect as the the leaves were just starting to turn this week.

registration is coming in with a HUGE contingency from Iowa.

theres plenty of room for players and even for those that just want to come down to camp and party!!.

1 thought on “Ozark courses are coming togther for the fall Harvest”

  1. this will be the last year that I miss this. Been following your progress on this course for years. Every year I kick myself for not making it. No More! See you next year Dave.

    Jackson, Tn

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