Playing “Catch” helps your disc golf game!

Rarely a week goes by when I am not asked to help someone out with their disc golf game. One of my first questions is always “how much catch have you played?”
Most players that have started playing Disc golf in the last 10 years or so, rarely played catch before picking up the game. Typically these players will often lack the necessary touch needed for those 60-200 foot shots. This distances is where a lot of players lose strokes while playing. Most really good players will seldom lose a stroke from this distance and lot of that has to do with touch.
Most old school players had to learn the game with catch like discs, where HYZER flip up were the only way to keep a FRISBEE(tm) flying straight.
This is exactly how you throw touch shots, nose up hyzer where you are in control of the speed and fade!!

Training tip for the week:
Get a friend and play some catch. Try using a catch Frisbee like an Ultimate disc or freestyle disc. Each players can get 200-300 throws in an hour.
Its great use of your time if you are trying to improve on your game and confidence ( not to mention it will help keep you in shape and is also good for stretching before you lay)
Start out at about 30 feet away from each other and slowly move back to as far back as you can go. From time to time you can pick up a soft Putter and play catch with it too, just to keep you in the DISC GOLF frame of mind!

About a month ago,I started giving a lesson to a girl that has a great Side arm but couldn’t even throw backhand 50 feet and when she did it wobbled pretty bad.
At the end of the 3rd lessons and after she had about 1000 passes with a catch disc, (her and her husband now play catch all the time) her and I were playing catch with an ultimate disc from well over 250′. She could throw Hyzer all the way, Hyzer-flip and even reverse all the way.
She says she has been playing complete rounds with just the backhand, I am anxious to see how she is progressing and looking forward to moving into more experienced techniques like Rolling, spike Hyzers and developing more power..

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