Rare discs from my collection: Innova Eagle

I have some collector items on Ebay,,, and more that are not listed:

Here is a link to a 1st run Innova Eagle.

I bought this disc in 1984 and sold it to a buddy who recently sold it back to me along with some patent pending aeros, supper puppys and some other goodies.
The Eagle is a used disc as some of the listing are, but certainly something that is kind of hard to come by these days. ( its over 25 years old and I do have another one identical to this one.).

I also have discs from past worlds for those who collect discs from pro and am worlds.
Give me an email if your interested if you see something you like or are looking for something specific,,,hurry before Nikko gets them all from me 🙂


heres a link to all of the listings



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