Magic Specifications

Disc Golf Information: Magic Specifications

So here’s the “technical” scoop on the Magic putter:

With a bit blunter nose than a Wizard and a radius that blends into a long flat line on a 20° angle into the bottom edge of the disc, the Magic is less high-speed stable and less low-speed overstable.

In layman’s terms, the Magic is a very easy disc to throw. It’s dead straight out of the box, like a 5 year-old Wizard. It pops up early in its flight and can hold a straight line or turnover when thrown by newer players. This disc has a lot of Frisbee™-like flight characteristics in the way it just glides so straight and drops flat.

Instead of calling the disc the Magic, it should have been just called $$$$$$. The Magic is a very beginner-friendly putt and approach disc and is one of the easiest discs to throw for turnover shots. We are amazed at how far this putter can be thrown. While not as stable as the Wizard its glide and control make it a great disc off the tee. With the added mass at the nose and a thin flight plate, the Magic has the most gyroscopic action of any putter ever made. This effect allows the disc to spin longer, helping your throw maintain its original flight without fading at the end. The blunter nose also keeps the disc from cutting through. The Magic is very comfortable in the hand, whether you have large hands or small..