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The Gateway Plastics

The Sure-Grip™ or “S”-series matted version of disc plastic is a high end version of the “DX” or “D” plastic of our competitors. This type of polymer offers a firm, solid feel with a grippy surface and great performance in the rain or extreme heat. The “S”-plastic allows the disc to break in slowly without changing its flight characteristics after just a few hits.

The Platinum blend is made with different ratios of TPU ( Thermo-Plastic-Urethane). and a co-polyester TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer), producing a durable disc that are a bit more grippy on the surface than pure TPU. Platinum discs are always solid in color and are slightly less stable than Diamond and more over stable than Suregrip.

The Diamond blend is made from a high grade TPU (Thermo-Plastic-Urethane). These blends create the best durability and grip on the surface of any disc on the market. Runs are clear, translucent or opaque and are more over stable than Suregrip or Platinum.

Plastics & Polymer Document Download:
2018 Plastics Polymer Doc

We also make limited runs of our killer SuperGlow™ glow-in-the-dark plastic. You’ll be very pleased with how brightly the Gateway SuperGlow™ discs fluoresce and how long they remain glowing with only brief charging in sunlight or artificial bright light.

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    1. Hey Andrew,

      This is what we have available in our shop:
      Element “Sure Plastic”
      Samurai “Sure Plastic”
      Sabre “Sure Plastic”


  1. I recently acquired a Magic that has CH mag on the bottom. I was simply curious what the CH stood for. The disc has not been used but maybe a couple times to my knowledge.

  2. I have a pretty old GW Blaze (2001 or earlier) that was given to me by a neighbor. Apparently It was in the Player Pack for a local tournament in 2001. Whatever the case it has quickly become my go-to utility disc & I would like to get a couple more. Is there anyway I can tell what plastic it is and confirm its a blaze.

  3. I have RFF’s x 2 and a SB… how are the durabilities on these versus the S and what do they stand for? Any advise is appreciated as I have recently made the change from aviars to Wizards.

    Go Gateway!!!!

  4. I bought a Voodoo Super Soft.. but I was disappointed, the disc was hard and stiff. Why do you call the plastic Super Soft? Is Super Stupid Soft a soft plastic?

  5. I have a Evolution Platinum Kids at stamped disc with a model indicator of SC; is it possible this is a misprint?

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