Super Am

Disc Golf Information: Interview with a SUPER AM

How long have you been playing? I’ve been playing about 10 years.

Are you a student of the game? Do you read books on ball golf that can be applied to disc golf? I don’t really read at all. Even if I did, I wouldn’t read books on regular golf. The two games are completely different right? I mean one has a ball.  That’s funny that you even suggest it. I learn a lot from this one local dude that’s an Open player.  He used to play in tournaments but now he just hangs out at the park all day and plays golf. He may even sleep in his car at the park. He says he’s got some stuff that he won’t even show to other people ‘cause it’ll blow their minds. I believe him.

What is your favorite disc right now? Whatever disc that is the newest disc is on the market.  I don’t even carry a disc that was released before 2005.  Sometimes my favorite disc is the one with the coolest dye job.

How many discs do you carry? I carry so many discs. I’ve never even counted them all. Maybe 30? I have no idea what most of them do though. When you spend $40 on a disc bought on Ebay you’re going to carry it in your bag!  Some of them have some sick dye jobs. I’m thinking about getting one of those carts. It might keep me from kicking my bag around so much.

What brand discs do you throw? I only throw (name deleted). I won’t even look at those other brands.  I mean what’s the point? My favorite player uses (name deleted) and that’s good enough for me.

What is your favorite course? My home course or any course that’s short and flat with almost no trees to get in the way. My home course is nice too because it’s all mowed grass and there is no chance of skipping a shot or losing a disc. I don’t travel out of town to play too much. Some of those other courses are way too hard and I just don’t see the point. My home course has 3-4 tourneys a year and that’s enough for me. Once I played a tourney in a neighboring town and there was some good and bad with that. The good news was that I didn’t have to hear players yelling SANDBAGGER or BUMP HIM! The bad news was I came in DFL in AM2!

How often do you play? I play every day even if I’m hurt. The only time I won’t play is when it’s windy or cold…oh, or if it’s too hot…or rainy or if I don’t have enough money for beer to carry on the course. My local course/park doesn’t allow alcohol in the park but I don’t let that stop me. I mean, they don’t allow peeing in the park either and I do a lot of that too.

What is your practice schedule like? I don’t have a practice schedule because I just play rounds of golf. Some days I’ll play 5 or 6 rounds. I figure that’s better than any kind of boring, repetitive practice. I really don’t see the point of standing around a basket putting then picking up the disc then putting again… that’s too tedious for me. I tried to practice a hundred putts once and I got bored after about 10 putts. There is a local older guy that seems to spend all of his time at the practice basket. He putts 5 or 6 of the same putters at the basket for like an hour a day. Or he’ll throw about 5 of the same driver.  It’s sad because he really has no “D”. I don’t think he can even throw a 350’ drive. Somehow he still manages to win. It’s probably because he only plays against other old guys at tournaments.

What is your signature shot? The 270hyzer shot. I hate to try to throw something straight or neg. I don’t like the forehand shot, it just seems wrong…like cheating or something. The players I know that throw it (forehand) on left to right holes make it look so easy…. I’d rather just try to find a gap on the right to squeeze a hyzer shot in. I’m successful with that shot about 20% of the time. So it’s cool. I’d try to throw a neg shot but all my discs are too overstable to throw anhyzer.

How long will you play as an Amateur? For as long as I can. It’s been 10 years now. Since the PDGA said that I can’t be bumped I’ll just keep collecting plastic… I guess until I’m 40, then I’ll play Masters.

What kind of conditioning program are you on? I think that carrying 30 discs and a couple of 40oz. beers for 5 or 6 rounds a day is plenty of exercise.

What are your goals? You mean personal goals? I haven’t really thought about those much. I just want to party and golf, preferably at the same time.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Yeah, I’m glad everything is a par 3 because it makes it a lot easier to add my scorecard ….. and I putt better when I’m drunk..