The Blurr and Rage

The Blurr and Rage are two new discs made using a different top than their sisters, the Illusion and Spirit, respectively. The new top has 12 cubic CM less mass right on the rim and angles down to the nose over a 1-1/4″ span instead of the last 5/16ths of the Illusion and spirit. The new top come down tighter to the parting line which also makes it sharper and faster.

The Blurr is still a little more gyroscopic than the Spirit but its speed is noticeably faster because of the flat non concaved wing, which allows it to climb up early in the flight.

Those who have thrown a spirit long enough to get one broken in know how great the disc is into head winds, especially for those with a lot of velocity and rotation. If you like the feel of the Spirit but couldn’t get it to stay straight long enough, The Rage should work better as it requires less rotation to achieve a stable flight. It is still pretty beefy out of the box, but is easier to turn over out of the hand because of the reduced Gyroscopic effect. Don’t get me wrong its still probably more Gyroscopic than any other disc from another company but certainly less than the Spirit. 12 Cubic Cm equates to about 12 grams less right on the rim, if they both weigh 175 grams.

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