Special runs of BLACK, $$$ stamped and 4-S (SSSS) Wizards

Its winter and while waiting on a few shipments of polymers to come in I decided to do a few special runs of putters.

First we ran several different runs of BLACK WIZARDS ( some bottom stamped)  in SS and SSS and a few runs that fell in between. ( probably around 800 Black Wizards all together).

We dont run black all the time because it takes so long for the black color to get fully out of the barrel, so this will probably be it for the winter.

We still have ORGANIC “OG” Wizards and Magics in Black and Grey, but the future production runs of OG will wind up being mostly Green and shades of Bue/Green


There’s also a run of GREEN Wizards with the $$$ stamp that are really similar to a run we produced a few years ago with the same $$$ logo that were blue ( also a few ere white).

Last and not least is a very small run of  dark Blue 4-S ( Super Stupid Silly Soft) with the small WIzard stamp. I know some players really like flexible putters but is extremely difficult to get a SSSS run without the flight plate warping.

This run has a little ripple in the flight plate because they are so flexible, but if you like something softer then SSS,,, this is your ticket. ( unfortunately there were only about 60 ran).

Have your club or local retailer contact if you like like to get any of these special runs.

No Gateway Dealers in your area,,, contact us and let us know!!


Non putter protyping:

Still working on  the “Scout” ( new disc recycled name),,,,, the New mid-range between the Element and Warrior. Theres been several great runs of 200- 300 discs each, but I’m still loooking for a clear Urethane that gives the discs all the properties I’m looking for and allows the discs to remain see through. Hopefully we can get the first production run completed ( about 1500 all the same and ready to release on the auto ship program by the end of this month.



5 thoughts on “Special runs of BLACK, $$$ stamped and 4-S (SSSS) Wizards”

  1. Hello, trying to find somewhere that’s selling the SSSS Wizards and/or bottom stamps mentioned in the “special runs” blog on the 11th. Are you guys selling them through your site anywhere? Wizards rock! Thanks.

  2. Are any of these special run Wizards available via the internet? I’ve not found anyplace yet that shows any. Can they be ordered from you guys? If so, what’s pricing for them? Thanks.

  3. Does a run of sssss wizards exist?
    Seriously super stupid silly soft, was there a run of four s wizards that was later marked 5 s after tested?

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