Stupid soft and organic putters

We are right in the middle of a big run of Stupid soft Putters (SSS) and some of these babies are stupid,,, Silly even Squishy-Soft. We have them available in Wizards and Warlocks in white yellow blue and black ( the black are still stupid but not so squishy!)
The SSS are molding up a bit flatter and just melt when they hit the chains, if you like stupid soft putters these are some of the softest and most flexible we have ever run. we should be stamping them and have them available by the end of the week.

We also just ran about 200 organic Wizards and they will go fast.
This run would be considered super soft and have a little firmness in the rim. ( of course keeping with the “green eco friendly theme” they are all green and mostly max weight..

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