Testimonial from a happy customer!!!

I received this email and thought I’d share it with others.

I sent a fllow up email asking “how are the discs working for you”
his response:


Glad you asked. I didn’t want to write back and say these are some of the best putters ever………..but wow the glow wizard you guys threw in and Justin signed (kind of think that has something to do with it!) is my go to putter. I was sold on the clear evo’s but a little to floppy for me in certain situations plus I want to break em out first thing next season. So I found myself relying on the glow from outside the circle and the red soft magic inside 30ft. I have found the magic has more loft (glide??) to stay up where as the wizard will hold most any “laser line” I put it on. I canned a 50ft that I called before release and it just held until it went in. It has been getting dark early and hole 7 at sahm is tucked away so no chance of seeing the basket once you drive I told the guys (2nd shot) I was playing with “I can’t see the basket but listen and we will hear chains…money. Just yesterday hole nine same courses I throw a terrible drive and say to myself this looks like a three. Well I get in my straddle style box putt throw it so hard I kick my self in the butt with my jump putt foot and I am thinking no way!!! Yes way right in. I just raised a fist and keep going. I passed a group that wouldn’t let me through (didn’t say anything just went to the next hole) and I hear one of them say man he just hit that! So I give another fist pump. They keep talking about it and one says rejoice man!!! I just let loose all the way up to the hole spinning and giving fist pumps. Now looking back on that it had to be 60-65ft putt. Not that my putting is as solid as these few stories but I have to think the disc have a lot to do with it. Ever since starting out with a regular evo magic and progressing to the soft wizard and a couple variations of the magic (chalky black proto so sweet) and some organic wizards they have all been solid….but the glo fo sho (tell Justin good call) Sorry about the long story but I love this game and with great unique products and great companies it makes it that much funnier. Thanks a ton for the “Dave deals” and the personal contact. Door is always open in Indiana if you or your players are looking for a place to stay or enjoy the area!!!!

Btw I watch Nikko and the guys on youtube a lot and notice he putts so low almost bringing it to his ankles sideways?? Not that I am trying to change my putt but why is that???

Btw2- the mini’s where awesome. funny I have seen phish 3x this year since their hiatus.Not sure if you are a fan but the mini’s are so right on!!!

Scott Farrell

Walnut Ridge RV Sales


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