Try Out Our New Bright Fluorescent Colored Discs and 3 New Discs!!!

ATTENTION ALL Retail Brick and Mortar Stores, Online Suppliers, Disc Golf Clubs, League and Tournament Directors!!!

Gateway Disc Sports is looking to increase the availability for our complete line of disc golf products: 28 production models of DISCS, 6 sizes of carrying Bags, 2 portable Baskets, Hats and Shirts.

We offer great WHOLESALE pricing, Point of sale posters, free standing & wall mounted racks along with our excellent customer service.

We custom stamp discs and minis as well as supply sponsorships such as round winner discs and CTP’s for your course, league or event!

Contact David McCormack directly to get set up as a customer at 314-303-1488 or, or call the shop to set up a phone interview at 314-487-5204.

Click HERE or on the flyer for a PDF version!



  1. GreenMeanie says:

    Thanks for the bright colors!

  2. Morgan Tyler Allen says:

    How much are the titan pro 24 portables?

  3. GreenMeanie says:

    What disc come in these colors?
    Haven’t seen any forsale so far.

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