18 Hole Course in Oil City, Pennsylvania

Work is being completed this month on this beautiful 18 hole course at Hasson Park in Oil City, Pennsylvania. This course has everything from tight and short to long and open (sort of). One third of the holes are in a well manicured park-like setting, while the rest are in the woods and along some old trails. Great use of elevation change, woods and a creek are key features in this design set in a 100 plus year old park.


5 thoughts on “18 Hole Course in Oil City, Pennsylvania”

  1. 6/25/11

    Just returned from trying the new frisbee golf course at Hasson Hts. in Oil City, PA. If I had to describe the course in a few short words – tough, not a beginner course. I’m not an expert by no means but some of the holes are just plain crazy, take hole #2. Your 2nd shot has to clear a water and extreme jungle area where I think most people will loose a frisbee unless you can clear the mess. Good Luck!

    Moving on, a few of the holes have very steep climbs, you might want to hire a shirpa!

    Some suggestions – Place some trash cans around course and maybe some benches to rest after the steep climbs. Also, maybe add some better markings to navigate course, we took a picture of the course from the aerial shot and it helped find the holes. Another suggestion, until the course has time to dry out from all the rain this year you might want to wear a old pair of tennis shoes or maybe even a pair of hiking boots.

    Over all I had a fun time and a much needed workout!!!

  2. 9/6/11

    Played 2 rounds over the Holiday, I will have to say the course is still pretty hard but has dried out and the heavy brush on #2 has been cut as well as a few of the other holes.

    What is still needed though are some better markings for the holes, the arrow signs need numbers on them and it would be nice if you had a little picture at the beginning of each hole to direct you to where the pin placement is.

    Another suggestion, you might want to re-design #6 before someone gets hurt, the hole sits on a hill side that for most players is just to steep. Move #6 to top of hill and place between #7 & #8, there seems to be more that enough room to add a new #6.

    Overall the course is very challenging and I had a great time except on #6. Seen several deer, squirrels and numerous birds while playing both rounds. This course if maintained is sure to become a tourist draw for Oil City and the surrounding area.

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