18 Titan pro-24 baskets going in Highland Illinois at Silver Lake

So the sleeves are sunk and the tee signs posts are all in.
On Monday we will drop 18 brand new Titan Pro-24 disc golf targets in the ground and play the Rikkli family disc golf course at silver lake in Highland Illinois.

There are only a few holes left that need any work.
This course is mostly in a park like setting amongst very tall mature trees with honeysuckle on the edges making the rough kind of rough. Several really sweet greens next to a lake and 2 small ponds (water comes into play on 5 holes). Theres a few tight tunnel shots and a few big Hyzers, over all a somewhat challenging course for players of all skill levels that is probably a little harder than it appears.
I’d say the course is pretty lefty friendly with lots of low and medium trajectory left to right shots which will also favor a righty with a good sidearm.

theres 2 par 4’s and a few others that will certainly play to a par 4 when playing from the long tees tro the long pin placements.

The plan is to have 3 pin locations per hole and Ive left plenty of room on the greens to go left right or back.

I’ll get an overhead map up with directions once the course is actually in the ground!!!.

2 thoughts on “18 Titan pro-24 baskets going in Highland Illinois at Silver Lake”

  1. Fantastic! The Highland Parks & Recreation Department extends a sincere “Thank You” to Dave Rikli and the Rikli Family for the generous donation of this exciting new amenity to an already beautiful park.

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