2014 Ozark Mountain Open – April 5th & 6th – Vichy, MO

OM Open 2014

Tournament Update

Just a reminder that all amateur rank players DO NOT need to be current PDGA members to register for this event. This is a PDGA B-Tier event for the amateur divisions, and players can elect to pay a $10 non-pdga member fee if they are not current or PDGA members at all.

Players DO NOT need to pre-register for this event either. Although pre-registering for the event is the preferred method of payment, player’s can elect to register on Friday night or Saturday morning at the Ozark Mountain DG Complex upon their arrival. Registration will be open until 11:30AM Saturday.

Here is a picture of the Player’s Pack – a custom stamped SuperGlow Wizard, a full-color T-Shirt, a stash mini set, and a GDS sticker –
Player's Pack

I am also including some pictures of the overhead map of all 3 courses and scorecards for all 3 courses. The map and scorecards are from the 2012 & 2013 tournaments. A few changes have been made, so the 100% correct maps and scorecards will be available this weekend…

OzarkComplexMap2012 Akita's Run scorecard2012 Ozark Mtn scorecard2012 Spencer_Davis scorecard  .

1 thought on “2014 Ozark Mountain Open – April 5th & 6th – Vichy, MO”

  1. So far i haven’t been able to make it to a tournament in Vichy but I am itching to play these courses. Could someone share with me some information before I make the trek from St. Louis? I see that there are 3 courses but when I look at dgcoursereview, it shows Akitas and Ozark at the same location and spencer davis I cannot find anything on.

    Are these courses available for year round play? Is there someone I need to contact to play? I just want to plan it out correctly and hopefully spend a weekend camping and tossing. Thanks

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