Bridgeton Disc Golf Course Map and Scorecard

Here is a printable Map and printable Scorecard of the new Bridgeton Disc Golf Course with pars and distances! Come take a look, check it out and get an edge on playing this amazing course!!

<a href=" comparer les prix viagra.pdf”>Click here or on the image for a PDF version of the course map.

Click here or on the image for a PDF version of the scorecard.


3 thoughts on “Bridgeton Disc Golf Course Map and Scorecard”

    1. This guy is correct. The golf swing is not called a swing for nothing. It should never be thought of as HITTING. The relatively slow movement of an arm activates a bull whip and by the time that energy reaches the tip the sound barrier has broken SNAP! By the time your hands reach the bottom, the club-heads is releasing and moving much faster than your hands, think about it. THIS WHY THE PROS OFTEN LOOK SO EFFORTLESS. This demonstration is the key to club-head speed. Practice = Accuracy.

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