Carrollton Park DGC Handicap Singles League – Every Monday

This Gateway Disc Sports sponsored league started on 7/23 viagra ou acheter. Not only is this the first handicapped singles league in the STL, but it is also the first PDGA sanctioned league (optional) to boot!

Get ready!


For the first couple of weeks (while everyone is establishing their initial handicaps), the field will be broken into 2 divisions (PRO and AM). Since this will obviously benefit the more skilled players, the $5 entry fee will spread around a bit. $2 will go towards the payouts, $2 will go towards the 50/50s, and $1 will go towards the ACE POOL. This will give everyone some added value until they officially set their handicap. Once your handicap is set, all of your $5 entry fee will go towards the payouts. The 50/50s and ACE POOL will revert to being optional “extras”.

On the topic of payouts, score based payouts and SKINS payouts will happen the following week. There is obviously going to be a bit of calculating involved with all of this, so expecting those particular payouts to happen on the same evening just isn’t realistic. On the other hand, if time/light permits,  payouts for the 50/50s, ACE POOLS, and FREE CTPs will be on the same day.

Soon enough everyone will also have the option of making their league rounds PDGA rated as well. Here is a link to the PDGA website on this topic – Hopefully it will answer all of your questions.

Please post any questions you might have!

Hope to see you all there!

(Legend on the Sign-In Sheet)
L = League Fee ($5)
P = PDGA Fee ($1)
F = Front 9 50/50 ($2)
B = Back 9 50/50 ($2)
S = Skins ($2)
A = ACE POOL ($1)



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