The Demon Is Back!

The Demon Mid-Range/Driver Hybrid has been a staple here at Gateway for awhile but now we finally have it in our newest blend of Diamond and Hyper Diamond! Also available in Suregrip.
One of the most overstable mid-range drivers out there. A solid disc for strong hyzers, skip shots and forehands. Great wind play disc.Flight Numbers: 6 | 4 | 0 | 4
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Continuing on our Spring Cleaning with another great deal!
5 Pack of Out-Of-Production Evolution Platinum Mid-Range. All are from the old run with the rounded inner tooling. Molds include: Warrior, Karma, Scout, Element, and Mystic. ONLY $24.99

Only Available at

Color and Stamp will vary.

HD Drivers Are Now Unleashed!

HD (Hyper-Diamond) is a new polymer blend that molds up flatter and firmer than Platinum and Diamond, while still maintaining exceptional grip and durability. Discs molded in HD will typically fly flatter and more overstable than our other blends.

Our Journey, Apex, and Spirit Distance Drivers are now available in Hyper Diamond!

Small Batch of First Run Apex Found In The Shop!

We came across a small batch of First Run Apex and figured we give you a chance to pick one up if you missed them the first time around. The Apex is a high speed driver with a consistently stable flight path, a ton of glide, and a predictable finish. If you are in need of a workhorse driver that can gain you extra distance on the course, look no further!

Flight Numbers: 12 . 6 . -1 . 2 .