Custom stamped specials

Anyone looking for a special deal on custom stamping for the upcoming event, club or to promote a company can email me at
The deal is 100 putters for $500.00, if camera ready art is supplied.
Art should be black and white line art and less the 4.75″ with no lines larger than about 1/4″. ( no large solid area’s unless the stamp is Less than 3″)

For those who cannot get us the art we now have a full time person doing art for us at the shop. Just let me know what your idea is in the email and we sill get a cool stamp done for you and send you a proof. An additional $20-$50 may be charged for developing art depending on how long it takes!
Glow in the dark discs will be an additional $2 each and standard UPS shipping charges will apply!
don’t worry about us needing a whole lot of lead time as we can usually get a stamp turned around and delivered in less than a week!.

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