Diablo DT art contest,,, Win $300.00in merch

We are having a contest for art for the Diablo Dt.
Please send submissions to david@gdstour.com to be eligible to win $300.00 in merch.

Line art in Illustrator is preferred but we can work with anything that is cool!.

5 thoughts on “Diablo DT art contest,,, Win $300.00in merch”

  1. Oh, cool! The wife & I do a lot of graphic stuff – how much time do we have?

    I didn’t realize untill recently that Gateway is based in Missouri. I’m a Jefferson City rat.

  2. cool,
    I pretty much designed most of the course in Jeff City, do they have cement tees yet?

    does the store across the street still sell discs?

    We really need to get the contest rolling as we want to ship off the discs this week.
    if you can whip up something tonight that would be great!

  3. Concrete tees at Binder front and back just got finished about 3 weeks ago, love it. The shelves are empty at that gas station, saw that the last Wizard was gone last week.

    I’ve got some sketches but my wife’s been a little sick and she’s the Illustrator expert. I’ll see if I can’t get ya something tomorrow…

  4. This contest is closed I assume. Oh, well…maybe next time.

    I was in St. Louis this past weekend (unrelated to disc golf) but I did get to play 18 at Creve Coeur park on Sunday morning. Nice course.

    I searched out a few Johnny Mac’s and went through their stock looking to try a Warlock or 3… nothing.

    I also called Gateway Discs as listed in the phone directory but it was Sat. afternoon and no answer. I guess you need time off work too. It’s OK. πŸ™‚

    Big suck that I could not get my hands on a Warlock prior to making a purchase decision. I need to feel and hold one.

    So if you still looking for graphic art/illustrations for anything, I’m down for winning some free merchandise.

    I live on Illustrator and Photoshop

    Best regards,



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