disc golf philosophy 101-2

Ok let’s see what high horse am I on this week?

Lets talk about sponsorship.

We are getting an overwhelming amount of requests for Sponsorship from players of all skill levels and from all over the country.

This is a huge compliment to me and our company as we are always looking for new players to help us advertise, market and promote our products.

I want to shed a little light on what we are looking for from players,,,, maybe you might just fit the bill and don’t even know it!

While we sponsor some of the best players in the world and always seem to have a young gun or 2 knocking on the pro door, we also sponsor some players that don’t travel much or play many pdga events at all!

I’ll give a list of what we expect and don’t expect from our sponsored players.

1) to represent our company Gateway Disc Sports in a positive light.

2) to know our product lines and be able to answer questions from other players. this includes our flexibility documents and technical information on our disc designs!

3) to help us set up new customers through stores, clubs, leagues, wherever.
Like custom stamp jobs and gdstour events.

4)to try their best when competing and to not give up during events.
to act like a professional even though they are just playing in leagues or weeklies.
this doesn’t mean to not have fun, just don’t effect someone else’s game too much having yours.

5) to help grow the sport of disc golf at all levels, especially towards recreational players and am players! get leads for new course design and installation.

6) be a part of their disc golf community through local disc golf club involvement and part of work crews and work days at their home courses.

7) to let other players (both new and experienced) know that not all holes are par 3 πŸ™‚ and if there is a safety issue on one of their courses to bring it too someones attention.

8) to feel like they are part of our company and that they can approach us with ideas and suggestions.

9) to be supportive of new players and help them learn the rules and etiquettes. help teach players how to grip and throw discs correctly.

10) to frequent discussion boards ( nationally and locally) and answer questions about Gateway and our products. also to ask us questions about things they don’t understand!

Don’t expect:
1) players to throw all Gateway

2) players to spend there money traveling to disc golf events out of town

3) players to push Gateway discs on other players.

4) players to feel any pressure about performance

5) players to bring us the scalp of at least 2 Innova sponsored players.

Ok thats enough for now, I’m heading back down to the factory to set up the midnight shift, I have been meaning to run another prototype run of E magics and might give it a shot tonight!

Thanks for reading and feel free to make comments or send topic ideas to david@gdstour.com.

3 thoughts on “disc golf philosophy 101-2”

  1. Dave and gateway rules!!!!!

    I have been a gateway sponsered player now for about 4 months. Dave has truelly helped me excel not only my game but the overall attitude towards the sport.I let people try my putters or my drivers and mids and the response i have recieved is great. I realized quickly that people will want to try it once you dont force it down their throat. I live in Maine and there is a huge scene here, plus its all pay to play !!!!! with now over 25 courses gateway has blessed Maine with putters that wont crack in the cold lol…

    Im very glad i got hooked up with gateway they have been great for me and im really hoping i can return the favor.

    jason “beatz” rubito

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