disc golf philosophy 101-4 ( putting)

When I teach a new player to putt (RHBH), it’s usually 3/4 straddle right foot pointing towards the basket, pushing off with the left foot, throw or flick nose up hyzer from a cocked wrist creating a fair amount of spin, aiming a bit above the target, allowing for the disc to fall and fade a little left.
This trajectory gives the disc the most chance of hitting chains and or falling into the basket.
I also suggest using a firmer putter than most players would think they need for putting,,, and of course it should be a Wizard, Warlock or Magic!

I’m pretty sure 1/2 of putting is how it feels in your hand! Different players have different oils or dryness in their hands, which is why we make so many different surface complexions on our putters not just flexibilities!
Even though we only label our putters SSS (2), SS (4) soft (7) and medium (9) there are variations of runs as well as discs that fall between these numbers that will surely match just what you are looking for in a putter.
I wouldn’t get so hung up on thinking you have to have max weight for your putter, as a 168 gram putter is plenty heavy enough, even for windy days and will stay up in the air longer too!!!
Ever wonder why you keep putting low?
Maybe your disc is too heavy!!
I’m willing to bet most players miss more putts low than left right or high combined???

The trick to becoming a good putter is to make sure all of your practice and game time putters are close to the same weight (within 2-3 grams).Its better to have different models than different weights when practicing, espcially if you using Gateway putters as the difference between the 3 is not that much from 30 feet and in!

Anyone that wants to get 5 practice putters all the same weight for $40 or 10 for $70 (that dont mind X outs or missed stamps) can email me for information on this special “dave deal” ,,,,,,,,david@gdstour.com

peace out, and check out the Ozark DVD trailer below!.

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