Feature story on Nikko in Kzoo newspaper

Well Nikko didn’t finish as well as he started at this year PDGA worlds In Kalamazoo Mi. Leading by as much as 4 strokes after the 1/2 way point in the event, Nikko wound up in 10th place, when it was all said and done.
I’m sure its not what he expected after having the lead but its a great accomplishment and learning experience, plus he’s got years and years ahead of him,,,,, this wont be his last chance at a big title!!!!

I watched him play rounds 3-8 in the lead group, everyone with the eventual winner and 2008 pdga mens open world Champion, Dave Feldberg.

While Nikko was playing well everything seemed fine, but once he started throwing bad shots the wheels just seemed to come off.
His drives were not getting close on some easy holes and his putting game seemed to slip away. He still made several big putts but missed some really makable ones too!

Here is a link to the feature article the Kzoo Newspaper did on Nikko!
href=”http://blog.mlive.com/kalamazoo_gazette_extra/2008/08/nikko_locastro_is_the_man_with.html “>”>”>href=”http://blog.mlive.com/kalamazoo_gazette_extra/2008/08/nikko_locastro_is_the_man_with.html “>.

3 thoughts on “Feature story on Nikko in Kzoo newspaper”

  1. thats pretty lame. However, character is not a high priority in most Disc Golfers bags, so i am not surprised.

    Great Job Nikko, I hope I get to play with you some time.

  2. http://blog.mlive.com/kalamazoo_gazette_extra/2008/08/nikko_locastro_is_the_man_with.html

    Some people need to be slapped. Such a bummer that when i got hooked into this sport 2 years ago the people i look up to turn out to be di$& heads. You would think with everyone having their eye on the prize it would be competative yet civil. Guess thats too much to ask for. Still great showing by Nikko, now i gotta look up to a guy younger then me lol i thought it would never happen.


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