final nine for top four at the end of events

so I want to start a discussion on the pros and cons of having a final nine at the end of a disc golf event .

I’m hearing top pros would rather not have them as a part of the event and prefer skins.
My initial reaction of the showcase final nine is for the spectators and amateur players to “see how its done”.
InThe height of my career, I can’t ever remember NOT wanting to play on the final nine, even if of was leading.

I keep hearing the argument that people want to get on the road, maybe this is true for some,.but my plan was always to be the last guy there. The guy they handed the check and trophy to at the very end of it all.

I would think those aspiring to be top pros would want to be in the final nine and most amateurs would like to watch the best in the event perform.

Any thoughts on this topic would be appreciated ¡.

2 thoughts on “final nine for top four at the end of events”

  1. Playing in a ‘Final 9’ has always been such a thrilling experience, no matter how the golf went, because everyone knew your scores and how/why they are watching you play.

    …and from a spectator’s perspective (strange combination of words there…almost a tongue twister…not sure if there is any sort of ruling or governing body on this, but it seems as though most have 3 or more words…) it gives you a first hand look at how the Frisbee Shaman use their intimate knowledge of the physical world to maneuver through the given course.

    I for one (and know others would agree) that having a gallery pushes me to be better…both in performance and how I carry myself. In the end, when it really matters, you end up zoning in/out and they aren’t there anymore anyways.

    The aura of professionalism that hangs over these gatherings teases you and reinforces our collective hopes that the whole world will see what we have on hands here…while I’m still young!

    Frisbee Freaks Unite!

  2. final 9 should be top 4 scores from the “qualifying rounds”, to play for the championship from scratch. i believe that is or was a european format, so if you’ve led the field by 10 strokes going into the finals, you better keep your game!

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