Gateway basket guarantee!

Thanks for your interest in Gateway Disc Sports, our disc golf products and specifically the disc golf baskets!

Let me start off by saying I stand behind the quality and functionality of our Disc Golf Baskets so much, that I would be willing to guarantee the purchase of a Bulls Eye or Titan pro 24 portable…100%. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days you can return the basket and discs on our shipping account and I’ll refund the money you spent on the basket.

Either target would come with 6 putters of your choice, as you may already know Gateway disc sports Putters ( Wizard, Magic, Voodoo and Warlock) are each available in 4 different flexes ( soft, super-soft, super-stupid-soft and medium) and are considered by most to be the #1 putters in the game. You get to choose your exact 6 putters!!!

Even after just 1 session of practicing on the Bulls Eye Basket, you will notice a huge improvement in your putting.
The concept of aiming at a smaller target (12″ diameter with 15 outer chains) will make a regulation size basket much easier to hit as you learn to aim in the center.
The catching ability of a Bulls Eye when hit in the chains is as good as any target ever made, with literally no cut throughs or bounce backs.
Ive heard many top pros ( including Nikko,, who has trained on the prototype of this basket many times over the last 3 years) say that they wish this size basket was used for competition at the highest level. When your putt hits dead center on this target is pretty much always stays in, which can not be said for most current targets approved for championship play, where spit outs and cut throughs are very common.

The Titan Portable is the best catching target on the market with 24 chains and smaller diameter rings for holding them closer together.
This target is a scaled down version ( using 3/8ths” and 1/4″ steel) of our Titan pro -24 which uses 1/2″ steel for its entire construction.
I’ll put the titan 24’s up against any basket in the industry for durability and catch ability!!!

Both portable targets are engineered to set up and dis-assemble withing 1 minute and are designed so no bolts are required ( we use a swagging or “crimping” method for a tight fit).
They are as sturdy as a permanent, with 3/8ths” steel used for the entire base and the outside rings of the chain assembly and basket as well.
In a recent ring of fire at our clubs ice bowl,, I saw 17 discs stay in the basket at once and the target barely even rocked.

The red/ white color combination makes it a very attractive basket for placing in a back yard, the chains are all hot dipped galvanized,,,not electro-plated.

The cost of the BullsEye is $239 and the Titan pro-24 portable $299… both would be about $25 to ship. ( the value of the 6 free discs is $72.00).

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