4 thoughts on “Gateway Putters”

  1. Hello. Where can I find a discription of the four flexibilities for the Wizard and Warlock? I don’t see descriptions of these on your site. Thanks much, Toney

  2. Watched Johne McCray win his 120th pro win in Valdosta this past weekend and now I am replacing my “banger putter” with a Warlock and A Wizard. Johne is friggin an amazing disc golfer and was willing to speak to us afterwards and share tips and why he uses Gateway….

  3. i have been playing disc golf for about two year…I’ve tried many putters but my two go to putters are my wizards..medium for thirty plus feet and my soft when I’m in the circle i get nothing but Birdies and consistency with my wizards they are second to none as far as I’m concerned…peace ray Calero WI

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