Winter Wizards 2018


Winter Wizards was created 12 years ago by Brodey Hanson in Idaho, and he’s been running an annual event there ever since. He and his artist create a new and unique stamp every year, and this year he’s expecting over 300 players to his event. Due to the success of the event in Idaho and Utah, we’ve decided to use his format and allow players all over the country an opportunity to experience the fun during the winter months, from now until March 20th, with the Gateway Winter Wizards 2018 Event!

The main thing I’ve noticed about one disc events (as well as with our retro “Phrisbee” Throw events) is they can be a much more social experience, as typically in these types of events, each group herds around the course in a much closer bunch, often no more than 40’ away from each other. Compare this to playing with long range drivers, where players will often be hundreds of feet apart once they leave the tee and until they reach the basket.

A one disc event can even the playing field as the emphasis is on accuracy and putting more than distance. All you need is a 2018 custom-stamped Winter Wizard (created by our graphics team of Josh McAdney, Chris Coyle, and myself) and a mini to mark your lie, and you’ll be good to go!

One disc challenges are intended for fun, while still being competitive. We offer several flexible formats, which can be used as fundraisers for local clubs. Events can be run as singles, doubles, or even as team of 4 or more. Additionally, if you have a suggestion for a new format, let us know!

For more information about the event, contact us here at Gateway Disc Sports!

– David “Mac” McCormack
Owner, Gateway Disc Sports
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